Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung and Iberia have long been collaborating for its users to have fewer problems when taking an airplane. And it is that the boarding times and preparatory work can be quite impatient for torture and for those who have not devoted several minutes to check-in online. Now, for the third time, these companies offer a more comfortable and useful service that carry a boarding pass directly on the smart watch Gear Samsung S2 without printing it or make you wait.

Samsung Gear S2 2

As was the case with previous generations of smart watches from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear S Samsung it is now the Samsung S2 Gear who supports this useful function. Thus, just carry out the usual formalities with Iberia flight to carry a boarding pass directly on your wrist. Something that can enter the plane with just a gesture to prevent other tasks and expect from this process.

All you have to do is to have the application available for free Iberia through Galaxy Store Apps, exclusive Samsung. With it, users can perform some flight options as consult and manage their boarding passes and flight tickets purchased. Thus, it is only necessary to select the option to download boarding passes to go directly to the wrist, where you connected and Gear Memory clock S2 are stored.

Samsung Iberia

Another option is to check-in directly through the same application. This user should not go over the counter to get a boarding pass, but the application performs the process and sends the virtual version of the card directly to Gear clock S2 linked to that phone.

With this simple gesture, the user does not need to print or pass through window to achieve this requirement when entering the airplane. Just go to the clock application and open Iberia boarding pass to see all the information as the gate directly in its circular screen of 1.2 inches in diameter. Along with this it is also the QR code that allows workers to scan and Iberia confirm this information in its own system to make way for the user plane.

In short, a useful tool to bring the boarding card always on top if there is no time to print or to move the counter tool. All this in a clock that surprised by their technical and design qualities, using a sphere capable of rotating and provide a more convenient and intuitive control, a dual-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM to perform this and other useful functions such as measuring physical activity, display notifications on the wrist or other applications to respond to messages without accessing the mobile phone.

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