Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung S2 Gear is the latest bet in the category of Samsung wearables and also the strongest submitted so far. The South Korean company has opted for a design more reminiscent of a traditional clock with a round face and a more comfortable size. It also highlights to offer a different experience thanks to use ring around the screen and can be rotated to move through menus. The Samsung S2 Gear goes a step further than watches with Android Wear it integrates Tizen as a platform, allowing Samsung to modify most remote system and add extra features. This is exactly what the company has done recently, improving his latest wearable how? With an upgrade. The information comes from the hand of SamMobile, where they have published details of the first update receiving Gear S2 Samsung after its market launch. We tell you all the news it contains.

Samsung Gear S2 3

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung S2 Gear

At the moment the update has come only to South Korea and has been a member of XDA Developers foto responsible for analyzing all the changes contained in the new version as Samsung had not provided a description of developments. It is expected that the new firmware version will come soon to Samsung S2 Gear in circulation, but everything suggests that come already preinstalled on those markets where the clock is not yet for sale.

samsung s2 gear update

Samsung has added some features and improved interface sections for clarity, as the section where we add a new widget. Now this screen simply displays a + symbol, but the update also shows the text “Add widget”. Dismissing notifications will also be possible to delete them by clicking the trash icon that Samsung added. They have also tweaked the design of the emoji keyboard that appears when going to reply to a message or mail from the clock and alerts when we have unread notifications with a small orange circle. On the other hand, users who have difficulty reading text on the Samsung S2 Gear may extend the letter simply gesturing double-tap on the screen.

But that is not all, with this update Samsung adds the “Add template” so that we can create a new layout from the fields that accept customization and offers more options for time off when idle screen (to choose 15 or 30 seconds, 1 or 5 minutes). The watch will also warn us with a slight vibration when the phone is disconnected, for example if we have strayed too and is no longer in range, and opens new applications such as World Clock, a Korean GPS navigator, Starbucks and the newsreader Flipboard. Finally, the “Auto open apps” function will open the corresponding application when we stop turning the ring around the screen.

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