Samsung HW-K950

Samsung has announced the launch in Spain of its new sound bar HW-K950, the first of its catalog to incorporate Dolby Atmos technology and wireless satellites to provide digital surround sound of the highest quality, but at a price: It will cost a whopping 1,499 euros.

Javier Foncillas, vice president of customer relations in Europe for Dolby has made the following statements:

“With Dolby Atmos, sound comes to life from all directions with unprecedented clarity and depth. We are delighted to work with Samsung to be able to offer our consumers the best entertainment experience in the home. ”
Meanwhile, Nacho Monge, marketing manager of Samsung for Spain has stated the following on behalf of your company:

“Samsung is already a leader in Europe in terms of products of home audio is concerned, and is number one in Spain in terms of sound bars. With the new Samsung HW-K950 with Dolby Atmos technology we reinforce this position, and ranks as one of the key pieces for a complete entertainment experience ultra high definition that we are creating for home users. ”
This new Samsung HW-K950 features a reproduction system 5.1.4, with a total of 15 speakers. Of these, four are oriented toward the ceiling allowing the characteristic sound in Dolby Atmos height, allowing the viewer to immerse butt in the content. Connect both the subwoofer and the two rear speakers wirelessly, ensuring not only a practical solution without cables, but also a true surround sound.

Samsung bar 2

In addition, Samsung sells this soundbar as the perfect complement to your Blu-ray player UHD UBD-K8500 and Ultra HD TV, and that allows a bypass 4K video signal. In other words, if we connect the soundbar to the Blu-ray player, we can still use it to listen to the TV speakers but we are not using the player.

The bad part is, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, the price, because Samsung has already set the HW-K950 in major stores at a price of 1,499 euros.

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