Samsung Level Box Pro

Samsung has expanded its family Samsung Level, specific audio products for mobile devices, with the Level Box Pro, a new generation of Bluetooth UHQ equipped with portable speakers. Offer, much like a concert hall, thanks to the addition of four output 20W speakers and two passive radiators is achieved surround, crisp sound. Sound also feature Dual function and a range of up to 9 hours of continuous use. The Level Box Pro are already on the market at a price of 200 euros.

If you want to enjoy great quality audio wherever you are, the new portable speakers Level Box Pro Samsung may be your solution. They have a discreet and elegant design and light color metallic gold and black. Their exact measurements are 200 x 55.1 x 62 mm and weighs 842 grams, so do not get to surpass the kilogram. This model has four output 20W speakers and two passive radiators, which causes a similar concert hall surround effect. We are talking, pro tanto, a pretty good sound, allowing us to listen without problems anywhere our movies or favorite music.
Samsung Level Box Pro 2

Samsung Level Box Pro
Samsung Level Box Pro

One of its main advantages is that the Level Box Pro sound Bluetooth UHQ hypothesize that, depending on the manufacturer, surpassing even the audio quality of a CD. Its operation is very simple and once we connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, will offer an interesting listening experience, getting perceive high sounds and crisp media, and deeper bass.

The new speakers also feature Dual Sound function, thanks to which we can connect two Level Box Pro to the same device to achieve a stereo experience much more realistic sound with 40W output. In addition, the Dual Pairing feature will give us the ability to synchronize the speaker up to two devices simultaneously, so that, at the time when the Bluetooth is activated on the mobile phone or tablet, it will synchronize automatically with the Level Box Pro.

As for autonomy, new portable speakers are able to hold up to nine hours of continuous use, so they are perfect to enjoy music carefree outdoor events. As we say, these speakers are already available on the market at a price of 200 euros.

Those who want a more affordable model, may use the Samsung Level Box, launched by the company in 2014 and with more modest capabilities. With a very similar appearance, also metallized, the Box Level are able to transmit stereo audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. Feature noise reduction technology and a slightly higher battery, which is around fifteen hours of continuous playback. They can be found in the market around 100 euros.

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