Samsung Multiroom 360

The series of multi room speaker Samsung Multiroom 360 has received an update advantage of the presence of Korean multinational in the CES show which was held last week in Las Vegas. The range now features new colors, and also have expanded control options thanks to a new app for smartphones and tablets and the possibility of also accessed from the SmartWatch Samsung Gear S and S2. The Multiroom 360 family consists of a series of wireless speakers that allow sound spread to all corners of the room thanks to their omnidirectional response.

Samsung Multiroom 360

Samsung Multiroom 360 2

Samsung Multiroom 360

Like many of the currently available wireless speakers on the market, the Samsung Multiroom 360 have a bold, modern design, but elegant at the same time. Still, the range of colors available was limited to classic black finish and a white version until now. And it is that Samsung has decided to introduce this year new colors to the family, and has presented at the CES booth this year. Although the firm has not specified what exactly will the new colors in the picture accompanying this article can be distinguished a new brown tone, another pearly white or ivory and two different shades of gray.

The Samsung Multiroom 360 speakers have a Bluetooth receiver and can also connect to the WiFi home network thanks to built-in wireless port, so you will not need any audio cable to play music that we have in the computer, the tablet or phone. Your response pattern 360 is designed to emit sound in all directions, filling the music room evenly. If we have two or more Multiroom Speaker, we can send the same music to all but also to choose a different one for each song, creating a multi-room system that can handle from our tablet or smartphone thanks to the control application available for free via Google Play if your device is Android, App Store or if you have an iPhone or an iPad. The latest update of this app includes new features such as the possibility of issuing audio messages through the speakers each time a notification appears on your device. Also, most fans of Samsung geeks can also control all speakers from SmartWatch Gear Gear S or S2 thanks to the new application developed for these smart watches.
The new range of colors of the Samsung Multiroom 360 range and application updates reinforce a system that has received rave reviews since it appeared on the market. In fact, the model R5 (WAM4500) has been awarded the prize CES 2016 Innovation Awards, as Samsung announced in its press release. In any case, and finally, an option to keep in mind when configuring a system of modern and connected home audio.

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