Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

Korean brand Samsung has just launched one of the most colorful product of the season. It is a convertible laptop fifteen inches, a fairly large for a sector moving average between eleven or twelve inches.

With this new product Samsung puts the market a device that comes to Europe in two different sizes. One of 13’3 inch and 15’6. Both include LCD touchscreen 1080 pixels. The difference between the two models not only lie in the size, since the baby of the family comes with an Intel Core i5 processor. Meanwhile, the large and i7 uses a graphics processing unit (GPU) Nvidia 940MX.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin 2

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

Both models include basic connectivity: HDMI port, another USB-C and three USB-A (two with technology 2.0 and one 3.0). The fifteen-inch convertible also includes an Ethernet port.

In terms of processing capacity, the smallest model comes standard with 8 GB of RAM. The large, meanwhile, can choose between 12 and 16 gigabytes. Storage ranges from 128 gigabytes to a tera.

Ultra fast charger
In the world loaded on laptops and convertible (which giants like Toshiba have announced their departure), the Korean brand is betting on ultra fast chargers. A feature with which supposedly can get up to two hours of battery life with just 20 minutes of charging to the electricity grid.

Samsung’s Notebook 7 Spin 02

HDR video is another feature of the Samsung Notebook relumbrón 7 Spin, with the Koreans promise a more vivid screen with rich textures and colors. In turn, the “Apple gris” sits as the basic and essential for portable computers and high-end convertible color.

The new Samsung device convertible will go on sale next June 26 at a base price of $ 700. It is not dated its official landing the Europe.

The commitment of convertible
Samsung joins in this way to other large Asian companies like Lenovo firmly committed this new type of devices that aim to combine the best of a tablet and a laptop best lifetime. While it is true that after several testings and launches, these devices are having good results from the professional point of view. Meanwhile, the general public has welcomed so far skeptically these products.

A trend that goes neighborhoods. According to data emanating directly from companies like Acer, up to a third of laptops sold in Spain they are convertible. Like Lenovo, which states that Spain is one of the markets where these products have better results, where one in two devices are convertible (a very above average Western trend).

Notebook with 7 Spin Samsung launches convertible larger market so far (he has the same HP Envy x2 is rather a convertible tablet notebook convertible)

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