Samsung Odyssey

Virtual reality is having a very high global interest and more and more houses are focusing part of their investment in this technology that is and will be used in many fields, such as gaming and retail trade. Samsung is one of the companies who first pushed the VR in the mobile market and, after launching two years ago the first Samsung Gear VR, is preparing to present its successor, code-named Odyssey.

Samsung in this regard has registered a trademark and two logos, visible in the image above, which have been described, within the certification requests, such as “virtual reality headsets game” and “virtual reality game software.”

Samsung Odyssey

We do not know many details about this future wearable but we believe it may be an independent device from your smartphone and comes fitted with special sensors for the detection of gesture and movement, of which we had already discussed a few months ago. This Odyssey should therefore enter into direct competition with HTC Lives and Oculus Rift.

Just over ten days ago, also, we told you about a specific new Gear VR can for the next Galaxy Note 7 will be announced on August 2 in New York. We can also assume that this future and Odyssey Gear VR may be the same device, but to be certain, we will have to wait for the next few days

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