Samsung UBD-K8500

Blu-Ray players 4K begin to reach Spain. The company Samsung has unveiled its first Blu-Ray Ultra HD player. The new Samsung UBD-K8500 can read Blu-Ray UHD, it is compatible with HDR and offers a resolution four times that of a Blu-Ray today. The Samsung UBD-K8500 will be available at all dealers shortly with a price of 500 euros. We will know their characteristics.

Samsung UBD-K8500 2

Samsung UBD-K8500

4K resolution is here to stay, that there is no doubt. Some thought it was a blip, as happened with 3D technology, but clearly it is becoming a standard. Today it is very difficult to find a relatively modern TV that does not incorporate UHD resolution. However, now that many users have TVs with this resolution at home, we have a new problem: the lack of content. And, beyond some videos posted on YouTube, it is still difficult to find content recorded UHD 4K resolution. Some video services like Netflix streaming have already started broadcasting in 4K content, but of course, we need an Internet connection pretty good.

But we can not really take advantage of our brand new TVs with 4K resolution until companies decide not to launch Blu-Ray in physical format with 4K resolution. To do so the first thing we need is a player capable of playing Blu-Ray discs with 4K resolution. The Samsung UBD-K8500 can natively read Blu-ray UHD and enjoy streaming videos with UHD resolution through the available applications. In addition to 4K resolution, the player is compatible with the HDR system, which most accurately displays extensive range of light and dark levels of an image, to be as close to reality.

Samsung UBD-K8500

Luckily we will not have to throw away all our current collection of movies, as the Samsung UBD-K8500 allows you to scale the image quality of DVD and Blu-Ray conventional disks and even allows you to play CD. Naturally, we will not get the same quality as with native content, but seeing the great work they do some present readers with scaling the image of a DVD, sure this reader Samsung gets a very good image scaling, especially the Blu-Ray today. Aesthetically, the new Blu-Ray Samsung UHD stands out for offering a curved design on the front, suited to match our curved screen TV.

Now that manufacturers are betting by readers and Blu-Ray UHD, just missing that different Hollywood studios release their productions in this format. Some of the most important studies have already announced that this year will begin releasing movies in Ultra HD and HDR. As an example, 20th Century Fox has announced that it is scheduled to launch Ultra HD discs hundred this year. We have to wait to know the price of movies, but possibly nothing at first are economic.

The Samsung UHD Blu-Ray reader UBD-K8500 will be available on the market in the coming days with a price of 500 euros.

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