Samsung WELT, TIPTalk and rink

Some of the best products are among those ever born. Let me explain: even in the hi-tech world, engineers are free to give space to their creativity and in some cases the idea is so brilliant move to the prototype stage. Not always the project comes on the market: it can hang in the laboratories of the company for economic evaluations or be abandoned betting on other solutions deemed more suited to the times and the type of customers. These ideas are almost always born out by the Department of Research & svilippo companies (Google also has one), but Samsung has entrusted this role from 2012 to Creative Lab (C-Lab), that just at the CES 2016 show some of his creations, collecting feedback and suggestions.
Samsung WELT
When it comes to wearable, our mind goes to wrist devices, as smartwatch and fitness tracker. WELT instead it is a belt, which provides the same information on physical activity (pedometer, distance traveled) eating habits, idle time) of a smartband but should be worn at the waist.
TIPtalk is more conventional, but only in form. It ‘a bracelet that you put on your wrist and matches any clock, smart or classic, synchronizing with the smartphone. And ‘special because when a call comes in, just tap your ear with a finger to answer the call and start the conversation. You will be able to hear the audio from the phone.

Finally there rink, an innovative controller for VR devices. Creative Lab is a more intuitive way to interact with objects in a virtual world and, although its shape is not very different from that of other controllers, it will be interesting to see him in action in the coming months with the viewers VR.
None of these three projects is still real and it is a big risk for Samsung display them in public, before their patenting and production. The CES 2016 will be a test at least to see if at least one of these ideas can really have a future on the market.

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