Alternative solutions to the rechargeable battery life or the very old batteries are becoming more common in products of those we call life. Even this transistor radio Sangean Taiwanese brand innovates in the field by including a crank with a dynamo with which we can recharge the battery. Although you run out of battery in the middle of the mountain during the weekend escapes you can tune the local station turn without any problem.

But if you do not want to give you the gigs to charge the battery and you get caught a sunny day, you can always leave thanks to its solar charger to charge. A double supply system based on renewable energies. But just in case, also it has a third form of charge through a USB cable and bring her home charged if the weather is not.
But the big news this apparatus Sangean, one of the leading manufacturers of radio alarm clocks companies, is that it also can be used as a portable charger. And this radio with two charging methods allows connection of a mobile phone (or other device with micro USB input) for recharging. What makes this instrument a polyhedral radio and multiple features. It also has a light load warning not to waste the energy stored in the device.

And to the glory of gadget lovers in true Swiss army knife style, this portable radio charger also includes a powerful flashlight that can be operated without battery thanks to its rear handle. The flashlight not only allows a classic lighting, but can be used with various features such as Morse code mode sos, flashing or use of the lamp to lamp mode environment.

sangean mmr 88 02

In case of emergency we not only have the light signals to communicate, but includes an emergency buzzer that emits a powerful sound if necessary.

And the functions of a radio
Obviously, the Sangean MMR-88 includes a number of basic functions of any radius own header. Clock radio tuning system and digital display, FM and AM radio and sleep mode with the radio off automatically every 90 minutes.

The USB connection also must add a mini input jack (3.5 mm). Its weight is less than 400 grams dimensions are quite compact and can fit in the palm of your hand for handling flashlight (15.2 x 8.3 x 6.9 cm). The display screen has light and have a size of just two centimeters long by less than a centimeter high. The connection cable for charging devices is included in the original package.

It is resistant to rain and PARVIS beam apparatus and inclement several. Depending on the store where we buy, the price will vary in a range between 75 to 85 euros.

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