Sangean WR-22

The technology company Sangean is a world leader in the niche market of radio alarm clocks. Devices that go beyond telling time and blow the cock. In this line moves the new Sangean WR-22, a device that will preside over your nightstand with a sober and elegant line. But with this model, the WR-22 can become an element of your home beyond the traditional functions thanks to all your extras like transistor.

Sangean WR-22

The Sangean WR-22 has ten radio stations to save your favorite frequencies (half and half FM AM) to one touch and LCD screen with automatic and adjustable brightness.

A radio with great connectivity
One of the main innovations of the Sangean WR-22 in its ability to interface with other devices through both wired and wireless networks. Among its features it has built to play music from other Bluetooth mobile devices. Supporting MP3 and WMA. It also has USB and minijack, so we could play music from a CD.

Your audio system is of good performance to be a transistor radio. The Sangean WR-22 incorporates a speaker and an amplifier three inches 7W. So this new model of the Asian brand can be used as much more than a simple transistor radio for your bedside table. Audio adjustment has two systems autocompensación bass and treble to avoid saturation control.

To realize the packaging of this product we have to look at your weight. Nearly three kilos to dimensions of 24 x 11 x 20 centimeters. Something that really does not detract portability within the home.

sangean wr22 02

Clock mode at full capacity
Although the Sagean WR-22 moves with ease in various domestic environments, offers absolutely all the functions you’d expect from an alarm clock.

Your screen 4’5 x 8’5 is more than enough and built with various settings to adjust brightness manually or automatically to daylight or night display. It has two alarms that can sound with typical modes radio and buzzer but also can be connected via cable or Bluetooth to an external device to listen to the melody we want to wake up.

It also has sleep mode (auto off radio an hour after his driven), nap (or nap) and snoozer.

High-end radio
Within the range of the radio / alarm clocks, the Sangean WR-22 is among the chosen of the highest range. Quality at all levels, from its internal to its elegant exterior design components make it a very high range radio. Its public retail price ranges between 200 and 220 depending on the vendor. A device that in addition to its obvious decorative function is one of the best products for those who want a good radio device in the home without having to jump to the mini-chains. Available in black and wood finish

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