Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480

Sapphire has announced its custom based on AMD Radeon GPU RX Card 480: we speak of the model Sapphire NITRO + Radeon RX 480, card which features an overclocked GPU series and a cooling system with a double fan that is distinguished from that of reference board. All this is made accessible by a tab of the design which, in terms of power circuitry, is not standard and allows in this way to go further than that ensured by AMD.

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480

Sapphire for this card indicates a boost clock frequency of 1.342 MHz, against a given of 1.266 MHz for the reference design of AMD. This figure refers to the card version with envelope of video memory of 8 Gbytes; for the declination with 4 Gbytes of video memory the boost clock frequency is equal to 1.306 MHz. The card with 4 Gbytes of video memory has GDDR5 modules to 1.750 MHz clock (7 Gbps), while the declination to 8 Gbytes the frequency of clock of salt memory to 2,000 MHz (8 Gbps).

The cooling system is implemented of the Dual-X family, with fans from 95 millimeters in diameter each; a set of customizable LED also allows you to manage the lighting of the card. The rear connections propone23 doors Panel Display Port 1.4, 2 HDMI 2.0b connector and one DVI Dual Link.

In the back of the card, a red button, indicated by Sapphire with the name of NITRO Boost: enables the dual bios functionality thanks to which increase the clock frequency of the GPU compared to the value of the series and to raise the power limit the card. The use of an 8-pin power connector also allows to ensure a higher power to the board, its request in case of overclocking.

More information on this product, the declination supplied with 8 Gbytes of video memory, are available on the Sapphire website at this address.

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