Scishion V88 Pro Android TV Ultra HD

Many times we have spoken of Android TV devices that have seemed interesting for the price, but today we are going to do about one takes the cake. This is the Scishion V88 Pro, an Android TV ready for playback on Ultra HD resolution that can be purchased for less than 25 euros.

Do not confuse this model with the V88 Scishion normal that although that’s lower costs and cheaper than this Pro version is totally different. And this is starting with the SoC integrated, as they have replaced the previous Rockchip processor known by Amlogic S905X in this Pro version. This SoC has four 64-bit cores running at 2GHz and incorporating an ARM Mali-GPU 450, accompanied by 1GB of RAM. Yes, it may be insufficient for games and stuff, but for reproduction Ultra HD resolution content that is the purpose of this Android TV is enough.

V88 Pro 2

Scishion V88 Pro Android TV Ultra HD 3

Scishion V88 Pro Android TV Ultra HD 2

The use of this SoC along with the Android operating system allows real-time decoding AVI, DAT, H.264, H.265, ISO, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VM-1, VP9 and WMV at any resolution up to Ultra HD. It also supports video and 3D TVs.

As for the internal storage, the V88 Pro has 8 GB which can be expanded to an additional 32 GB via SD memory card, and as has Android 6.0 operating system to install applications on the memory card is allowed. Still, having so little internal capacity is partly offset by the inclusion of three USB 2.0 ports for connecting both peripheral and external storage devices such as hard drives or flash drives, from which we reproduce our content. Also it has, in any event, to associate 4.0 Bluetooth wireless devices.

V88 Pro ports

It incorporates turn the usual HDMI video output, and in this case also has a digital audio output S / PDIF to connect stereos instead of hearing it over the loudspeakers of the television. It has an RJ-45 Gigabit port to ensure better Internet connectivity as both our LAN (or if we have a file server, Plex similar). It does not have WiFi in this case, and as usual, aesthetics of black color and its small size and weight (it measures 11.6 x 11.6 x 2.5 cm and weighs 143 grams) make it ideal for placement anywhere without desentone.

As you can see the Scishion V88 Pro is a fairly simple media player with Android but powerful enough to play HD content and ultra high definition. Not that you can ask for much more considering that we have available in the online shop for 24.56 euros GearBest with shipping included if when making the purchase you utilize the discount code GBV88P

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