Seagate SSDs Nytro XF1230

Seagate has directly addressed to the manufacturer of Flash memory, SK Hynix, to use its chips NAND memory in performing their new SSD Nytro XF1230, assigned exclusively to the business market, especially servers where data collection is precedence over writing the same in them. This new SSD marks the return of the famous manufacturer of hard drives to a market that was several years away.

It is difficult for any new SSD SATA to be big news. Apart from cases where a new NAND flash allows higher capacities or significant price drop almost everything we see is an incremental improvement in performance, which does not increase much from one generation to the next. The new Seagate SATA SSD Nytro XF1230 Enterprise is remarkable not for its technical specifications, but for what you are selling. Seagate has been absent SATA SSD market for quite some time, since the SSD 600 Pro and 600 units were discontinued, but now it seems to be completely back in the game.
Seagate SSDs Nytro XF1230 2

Seagate SSDs Nytro XF1230
Seagate Nytro XF1230 01

The Seagate Nytro XF1230 is intended for use with intensive workloads reading, but its use of NAND flash eMLC also gives a decent writing performance and endurance. Despite the strategic agreement with Micron and Seagate, which has already taken several fruits, this time Seagate has decided to use the SK Hynix NAND flash and controller lamd (remember that Seagate bought lamd some time ago).

Seagate Nytro XF1230 specs

The number of write operations per day are approximately twice the usual for SSD aimed at these tasks, extending something the appeal of this type of server units intended to serve rather than to collect such data. The random write performance steady state will not break any records, but it is reasonable for this type of product. As in virtually all enterprise SSD, the XF1230 includes complete protection for lost power loss, but the encryption support is not announced.

The Nytro XF1230 Seagate is already in mass production and are now sending samples to certain partners of Seagate.

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