Shark Zone GK15

Sharkoon expands its range of input devices and presents a set of mouse and keyboard for gaming, specifically targeting the players concerned about the price. The kit Sharkoon Gaming GK15 Shark Zone Kit comes with the distinctive design of SharkZone in black and yellow. It consists of a gaming keyboard with red, yellow and green colors in lighting and a mouse with LED illumination in five colors.

The Shark Zone maintains its usual GK15 designed in the black and yellow colors and looks great when placed on a desk without other illumination. Thanks to its LED lighting system, the mouse and keyboard duo brings color to the games. Even with gaming mouse, the arrow keys interchangeable, the keyboard gets rated high not only lovers to computer games. Thanks to the integrated wrist rests, writing for a long time does not become an awkward task. Optical Mouse, with its distinctive stripes symmetrical design lighting and is suitable for use with both the left and right, and has an optical resolution of up to 3200 dpi.

Shark Zone GK15

Individual adjustments to the lighting and color settings are a very simple task with the GK15 keyboard. The backlight colors green, red or yellow are easily adjusted with a simple keystroke. In addition to the illumination intensity, you can also select a pulsating effect as breathing in which the keyboard shows on the three colors.

The integrated laser sensor inside, manufactured by PixArt, provides up to 3,200 DPI resolution. Green lighting, blue, yellow, purple or red LED is set via switch that lets you select different DPIs and each is connected to the five factory preset levels. The mouse has four buttons in total; takeoff distance is 1 to 2 millimeters. Thanks to its symmetrical design, this mouse is also suitable for use by left-handed people. Four feet on the base PTFE mouse ensure exceptionally smooth. In addition, it connects through its cable USB connector yellow gold plating.

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