Sharkoon MK80 RGB

Sharkoon launches its new model of keyboard players Sharkoon MK80 RGB Shark Zone, a keyboard that incorporates RGB LED backlighting of the keys and mechanical switches Kailh has three (red, blue, brown) models so that their users have touch and sensation in the fingers that best suits your style of play and type.

Mechanical switches Kailh promise a cycle average of at least 60 million clicks per key life. The MK80 is available with red, brown or blue switches, each of which provides features and sensations pressing different keys: Red Kailh have a task force of 50 g, a linear switch undetectable point of connection and distance actuation point is 2 mm. The force with which operate Kailh brown is 45 g, the switch is tactile, the switching point is detectable and undetectable click point with a distance to the point of action also 2 mm. Kailh blue switches offer a very precise point and click detectable with a detectable point performance, plus a touch switch. The distance to the point of acting is 1.9 mm and its operating force is 50 g.

Visually, the new Sharkoon Shark Zone MK80 RGB is a real show, even though you have not installed the software that comes with it. It has eight preprogrammed factory, with waves, heart rate, and permanently illuminated are just a few examples of what is capable of displaying the new Sharkoon Shark Zone RGB MK80 with only activate a keyboard shortcut anyway. These possibilities are enhanced thanks to the software that enables the creation of custom patterns to suit their users.

Sharkoon RGB Shark Zone 02 MK80
Sharkoon RGB Shark Zone 04 MK80
Sharkoon MK80 RGB Shark Zone 01
Sharkoon RGB Shark Zone 03 MK80

The configuration program that comes bundled with the new Sharkoon Shark Zone RGB MK80 leaves nothing to chance. A part of the programming of the lighting effects will allow us to create macros without problems and have at our disposal a total of five different profiles and can reprogram certain keys to do the functions that users want. All this is recorded directly in memory that incorporates the keyboard so you do not need this software in the future and we can use the keyboard on any other computer.

The new MK80 keyboard Sharkoon RGB Shrak Zone will be released at a price of € 139.90

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