Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK1

The manufacturer Sharkoon is well known in the world of peripherals especially for the low price of their products, but unfortunately in this case is sometimes synonymous with low quality. In this case, the manufacturer has wanted to step forward and created his first mechanical keyboard, the Skiller SGK1 Mech, equipped with mechanisms Kailth Red, Blue or Brown (there will be three versions) and backlit white.

It is clear that the Kailth mechanisms are not the same as a Cherry Originals, but give us virtually the same feel and still have a very good quality. It is also true that the white backlight color and not RGB, and only configurable intensity (yes that has six lighting effects different that come pre programmed) limited enough chances, but ultimately we will have a Gaming full mechanical keyboard for a price of only 59.90 euros, so I think honestly ideal for those who have not yet tried a mechanical keyboard because it was expensive.

Red Kailth
Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK1
Sharkoon wanted to give, as we said before, a quality leap. For this reason the Skiller SGK1 Mech also has a brushed aluminum cover to give greater strength to the device and better quality feel. It also has an integrated palm rest for comfort, activatable multimedia keys with the function key (Fn), and five programmable macro keys with the software.

I also said we Kailth mechanisms will be available with both Red (50g force linear operation), Brown (45g force tactile sensation) and Blue (50 grams of force with tactile sensation and click activation).

As mentioned before, this new mechanical keyboard Sharkoon will have a recommended price of 59.90 euros and will be available from this month of September in which they are customarily the usual shops selling brand products.

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