Shuttle mini PC XPC Nano NC02 NUC

The German manufacturer Shuttle has unveiled its next range of mini PCs belonging to the XPC Nano, teams come in family Intel NUC format. The NC02 models are the successors of the previous generation Intel Skylake NC01 and equipped processors including Celeron, Core i3, i5 and i7, and will be sold in this case only in barebone format, ie without RAM or hard disk.

The most basic model of the Shuttle XPC range Nano NC02 Intel Celeron 3855U equips a dual core processor, while the top model features an Intel Core i7-6500U processor. The case dimensions have increased compared to the previous generation to accommodate a better cooling system, but still measure only 141 x 141 x 42 mm (they are 13 mm higher than NC01), but this increase height allows installation of 2.5-inch hard drives 15 mm thick.



Of course, since these new devices are exclusively barebones and therefore the user must purchase and install its RAM and hard drive memory account, Shuttle has facilitated the opening and access to internal hardware, and now only remove two screws and You have access to the two RAM sockets sO-DIMM format in which you can install up to 32 GB DDR3L memory, and two sockets that support M.2 SSDs NVMe PCI-Express for maximum performance. And completely removing the plate may access a SATA 3 socket for conventional 2.5-inch disks.

For more information you can visit the product page of the different models (NC02U, NC02U3, NC02U5, and NC02U7), but so far the manufacturer has not indicated the price nor the release date of this new generation of mini PCs

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