SilverStone Kublai KL07

SilverStone has just introduced a new addition to its line of computer boxes Kublai with his KL07 model which combines a sober and elegant design with its fully painted exterior of matte black, with a spacious interior and completely clear circulation air, with a number of bays for storage units, which makes it a candidate to be the case where many computers for both work and play with them built.

If something has always stood SilverStone as brand is done magnificent boxes, with a great thermal coefficients but with not only complex assemblies, if not required to be done by following the instructions by heart because the order of assembly could not only alter the final result, is that just kept you complete it if you would jump any step (to be told if any holder of a Fortress or Raven box). Fortunately, there seems to be the case this Kublai KL07 because, at first glance looks like a pretty standard box and with a design that we have seen in many other models of other manufacturers before.
The Kublai KL07 is characterized as a box that has been designed from the outset to be silent, for what SilverStone has endowed absorbent foam sound in its two side covers, but without losing sight of hardware enthusiasts, given that inside you can ride sinks tower type up to 172 mm in height and graphics cards up to 388mm in length. For cooling, SilverStone returns to bet on the positive pressure system in the case that such good results given in previous models. On this occasion, the manufacturer has included two 140 mm fans (with space for mounting a third fan) on the front, plus another extra 140 mm in the rear, but also with posiubilidad installing two fans 120 / 140 mm at its top, which is protected by a metal mesh.

As for the internal storage, Kublai KL07 has three 3.5-inch bays (compatible with 2.5-inch drives as well) and three 2.5-inch bays. What does not is 5.25-inch bay, which is nothing more than continue the current trend we see in many manufacturers save costs by not including them.

In the section of I / O, the SilverStone Kublai KL07 has two USB 3.0 type A connectors on its top part (and as a novelty) of a USB 3.1 Type C connector, along with connectors for headphones and microphone .

The preciomde sale of Kublai KL07 is € 85.50.

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