Silverstone Storage Series CS380

Silverstone has announced the release of another of those boxes specifically designed for a single purpose that often launches this manufacturer, the CS380 Series Storage. This is a box that stands out for having whopping eight front bays hot-swap hard drive, being therefore designed to be the case of a home server, or for professional video editing require a lot of storage devices and removable.

Of course there are many cases, large size, which are able to accommodate eight hard drives of 3.5 / 2.5-inch, but if memory serves me correctly there is no need all removable from the front and hot-swap capability, ie, with an internal controller that allows removal and installation hot, without shutting down the computer. Also in this case, the box has a front door that can be locked with a key that can not be opened.
For this reason, the Silverstone CS380 becomes an ideal for users who need a lot of storage devices and removable, especially video editors using an individual hard disk for each project or servers domestic data box. Therefore as we said at the beginning, this is not a utility box, but targeting a specific niche or group of users.

Furthermore, note that the CS380 is made almost entirely of steel SECC, it has space for graphics cards up to 24 centimeters long (so it is not too suitable for Gaming, except for the exceptions graphics cards in mini format that there are many today) and sinks to 14.6 centimeters tall. It includes a pair of pre-installed 120mm fans to cool the hard drives and one in the back to get the hot air out of the box.

At the moment Silverstone did not disclose or release date or the price of this new creation.

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