Sony FDR-X3000R

Sony has launched a new action cam which brings together the best of 4K digital imaging of the House to give stunning visual experience and shoot footage to share, save and proudly show to future generations. The new FDR-X3000R 4K is full of unprecedented solutions in the world of camcorders “action”, first patented technology B.O.SS Sony already begun on the Handycam and adapted range for the first time also to Action Cam.

Designed to meet the real needs of use in continuous evolution, integration B.O.SS in the new model ensures that users do not have to be afraid to create video jerky or unstable, leaving them only the task to enjoy the experience. With a wide range of optional accessories, the action FDR-X3000R cam can be mounted on a car or bicycle, or held in the hand, but the result is always the same: much more stable images than those produced by models on the market. This stabilization system is able to compensate for even the most violent vibrations and works even in high-speed and 4K recording mode.

The new model comes with the latest version of Live-Viewiv Sony remote control, which is about 30% more compact than its predecessor and can be mounted on various accessories, including support for VCT-HM2 optional handlebar, through the ‘adapter. Alternatively, the remote control can be worn on the wrist or attached to extra accessories such as ergonomic handle VCT-STG1 or AKA-FGP1 new grip, comfortable to control settings – including power on / off and start / stop of the recovery – no having to touch the camera. Moreover, downloading the free PlayMemories Mobile app, you can entrust the command to your smartphone or tablet. The camera and the Live-View Remote UI and have similar menus, with numerous settings that facilitate the exploration of the menu and the customization of the same settings.
Sony FDR-X3000R

In addition to shoot footage in 4K perfectly balanced, the new FDR-X3000R allows you to make shots at 8.3 MP at regular intervals to compose formidable 4K video time-lapse. Rapid action to the PC with the Action Cam Movie Creator editing software and the work will be complete and ready to be shared wherever the envy of friends and followers.
The successful combination of ease of use and amazing results is the result of numerous Sony stored in the body of the Action Cam technologies. First, the BIONZ X processor, the same as ɑ7 cameras at the top of the range, suitably optimized for the use of the Action Cam. The light is captured by a CMOS Exmor R sensor newly developed, while the new ZEISS Tessar returns more natural images and less distorted than attualii models. This winning mix between the image sensor and processor results in a complete reading of the pixels without binning, for a realistic and uniform color effects. Recordings can be made in 4K to 100 Mbps or 50 Mbps in Full HD format XAVC S and, with the intervention of the stereo microphone and the Wind Noise Reduction technology, even the sounds become pure, crystalline, and faithful to the intentions of the filmmaker .

Besides the new, the new FDR-X3000R also proposes the most appreciated features of previous models, such as the ability to choose between wide angle, medium or narrow ultrafluid and zoom up to 3x (editable during the filming). Various further functions available: Loop Recording, recording high-speed movies in Full HD 100p for exciting Slow Motion, Live Streaming by Ustream platform, Burst Shooting and automatic exposure adjustment, and white balance. The new action camera Sony is not afraid of the water thanks to the waterproof and an underwater protective case (MPK-UWH1) effective up to 60 m deep supplied, and incorporates a socket for tripod that allows you to connect to numerous accessories, without adapters or housings. All terminals are located at the back, to easily take advantage of the sockets HDMI, Micro USB jack, or even when the camcorder is connected to other media or devices.

The Highlight Movie Maker tool developed by Sony automatically selects certain points of the shot or the action scenes and, today, even the faces of the people to create mini-movie complete with a soundtrack. The GPS data overlay detect the speed and the position and generate a second video file that shows the itinerary and the adventure rhythm, to store all with maximum precision.
The increasingly comprehensive line of accessories dedicated to the Action Cam buys two new elements, which are the ideal complement to the FDR-X3000R model. The handle AKA-FGP1 is designed to secure the camera the finger and manage it with one hand through the Live-View Remote Control, and is tilted about 120 ° to get shots at particular angles. Protection AKA-MCP1 (MC Protector), instead, helps to shade the lens from dust, dirt and scratches. It is not compatible with the underwater case and features advanced anti-reflective coating water-oil repellent for more filming for superb image quality. The new FDR-X3000R and AKA-AKA-MCP1 FGP1 accessories and will be available from November.

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