Sony h.ear go – speaker wireless

Sony unveiled the latest additions to the family of high-resolution audio: an irresistible pair of headphones and speaker h.ear Wireless high-resolution compact the world, h.ear go.
Perfect complements for Walkman, MP3 players, mobile or tablet, models h.ear combine style, comfort and functionality to the extraordinary quality of superior sound. To transmit audio High Resolution, the new entry you need the codec LDAC, TM that supports various transmission speeds depending on the wireless environment. In this way, the sound quality that touches the High Resolution, exploiting the maximum transfer rate: 990 kbps (almost three times as much data as conventional Bluetooth). With technology LDAC, the listening experience is not wireless so it has limits: it is like listening to music directly in the recording studio.
As befits h.ear range, the new models are available in five brilliant colors: Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow or Pink Bordeaux. The monochromatic look is minimalist, sober and perfect for any style. From the main unit to the cable, all the components are made with different materials and finishes, but in the same shade.

portable speaker and headphones h.ear h.ear go on and on h.ear
h.ear go – wireless portable speaker Hi-Res
At home or away it makes no difference: by being compatible with the high-resolution audio, h.ear go, the more compact portable wireless speaker in the world offers more and amazing sounds.
h.ear go concentrates power and energy in a diffuser of only 35 mm in diameter newly developed, able to give back all the nuances of the high resolution. The left and right channels are complemented by a dual passive radiator, which extends the low frequency response. Although the mini size, the speaker is designed to spread wide sound, assisted by technology EXTRA BASS for rich bass and penetrating.
In addition, compatibility with Google cast and Spotify Connect offers an even greater number of listening options. Thanks to Google Cast integrated, you can traferire music app like Deezer or Google Play music directly from their mobile device or from your laptop to the speaker.
h.ear go – speaker wireless
Outside the home, h.ear go not only not weight, but is a reliable travel companion, with 12 hours of battery life. The wireless connectivity options allow you to choose between Bluetooth mode or one touch away NFCTM; alternatively, they have the traditional USB-B ports and Audio In.
Back home, go h.ear can become part of the system, multi-room or used alone. The ability to listen to music in every room becomes even more exciting thanks to the app SongPal Sony. In fact you can connect two units h.ear go to create a wireless stereo system, or you can add h.ear go as wirless speaker surround [viii] in the home cinema system to make it even more powerful.

h.ear on Wireless NC – Headphones Bluetooth technology with Digital Noise Cancelling
Dedicated to true connoisseurs, the new headphones h.ear on Wireless N make the difference thanks to a sound rich in detail and a memorable look. Digital Noise Cancelling technology instantly eliminates background noise to focus only on the true protagonist: music. AI Noise Cancelling constantly analyzes ambient noise and automatically select the mode noise cancellation best suited to the context. In addition, also with Bluetooth and Digital Noise Cancelling activated, the battery resists for 20 consecutive hours – more than enough for an intercontinental trip or simply to enjoy a long relaxing days in the most challenging.
The model h.ear on Wireless N has a Driver HD 40 mm and fits snugly around the ear to immerse the listener in crystal clear audio compatible with the High Resolution, made of precise bass and treble ringing. The sound quality is further enhanced by the titanium cladding of the dome diaphragms, which has the function to eliminate unwanted vibration and play sounds limpid with extreme fluidity. The pavilions designed ad hoc are extremely comfortable and minimize sound leakage, so as not to disturb. Besides the incomparable freedom of listening wireless headphones h.ear on Wireless N offer a compact profile, linear and carefully finished, which adheres precisely to the head.
h.ear in Wireless – Ear Headphones with Bluetooth headband for the neck
Masterpiece of elegance and everyday practicality, h.ear in Wireless boasts a comfortable and lightweight design, with a good band around the neck. Once you put on and the connection is wireless, the headphones are ready to transmit vocal and instrumental sounds of high quality and nicely balanced in smartphones or MP3 players without the need for cables for connecting. The headphones h.ear in Wireless have a magnetic circuit outside that maximizes the power of the driver to 9 mm, compact and high sensitivity. Also they feature a built-in microphone and HD voice support for hands-free call with your smartphone.
Finally, to be always ready for anything, a standard minijack input allows you to connect headphones directly to the device or your MP3 player to not stop listening even when the battery is at a minimum. The new range of headphones and wireless speakers h.ear h.ear go from Sony will be available respectively in April and May

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