Sony PlayStation 4 GPU AMD Polaris

the Sony PlayStation 4 console will have a new date with the codename of NEO that will bring significant improvements in hardware version.

The processor will keep AMD Jaguar architecture with 8 cores but will operate at 1.6 GHz to higher 2.1GHz. In addition, it appears that AMD GPU will be replaced based on the new architecture AMD Polaris another model with double computing units (36) running at 911 MHz with 8 GB GDDR5 memory to 218 GB / s.

Sony PlayStation 4 GPU AMD Polaris

Sony will update the PlayStation 4 with an AMD GPU Polaris, Image 1

Apparently, the idea of ​​Sony is to integrate a new way in games that take advantage of the power of this new version can run games at 1080p smoothly and supporting video playback at 4K. Users of the current PlayStation 4 may continue playing juices but with lower quality.

Be seen whether this improvement is confirmed and, especially, see what you think users of the current version of the console this update

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