SPC Nano Speaker

The Spanish manufacturer SPC has introduced its new portable speaker for smartphones, the SPC Nano Speaker. It is a small speaker that with a really small size, offers a power of 3 watts and features Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR connection, making it compatible with virtually any device on the market. The SPC Nano Speaker also facilitates the receipt of calls while listening to music by incorporating a microphone with DSP noise reduction on the speaker itself. Let’s review its features.

SPC is a Spanish company that has 25 years manufacturing electronic products such as tablets, smartwatches, fixed phones, cordless phones, headsets, bluetooth speakers and other devices. The company’s products are characterized by quality, functionality and design, all at an affordable price. His latest creation is a portable speaker designed to accompany at all times to our smartphone, and can listen to music anywhere comfortably, thanks to its compact size.

SPC Nano Speaker 2

SPC Nano Speaker

With the idea of ​​maximum portability without loss of sound quality in the head, the company has introduced the Nano Speaker SPC. Despite its small size, the new portable speaker features a power of 3 watts, enough to listen to good quality music virtually anywhere, provided the ambient noise is not excessive. The SPC Nano Speaker connects to your phone using Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR technology, making it compatible with virtually any device. The maximum range of the connection is between 10 and 15 meters, so we can move away from the device without being cut playback.

As can be seen in the image above, the Nano Speaker SPC lives up to its name with dimensions of 63 x 63 x 75.5 mm and weighing only 155 grams. The company has developed this speaker with the idea that fits in one hand, even make it comfortable to carry in your pocket or purse. Its design reminds us slightly of a glass. At the bottom we have the physical buttons to control the speaker, leaving the rest of the device with a clean design. At the top we have the speaker grille.

In this small size it has space to accommodate a lithium battery 300 milliamperes of which gives an approximate range of about three hours. The battery charging is done via a microUSB cable.

The SPC Nano Speaker also features a noise-canceling microphone with DSP. The built-in microphone will allow us to be linked to our smartphone, make and answer calls directly with the speaker, thus avoiding having to remove the phone from his pocket or backpack when you’re using the speakerphone.

The SPC Nano Speaker is now available on the market with a price of 17 euros and can be found in three colors: white, blue and pink

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