SPC Smartee Watch Circle

The SPC Smartee Watch Circle is the next step of SPC in the world of wearables. An intelligent clock is striking at first glance by its sleek silver or rose gold design. The metal box may be combined with various leather or plastic straps. With this accessory we can receive notifications of our smartphone or tablet directly into the wrist. In addition to calls and messages, also includes updates from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The Smartee Watch Circle works with both Android devices like the iPhone or the iPad. This clever clock hit the market in the next few days for a price of 130 euros. We tell you the details.

There is no doubt that SPC is moving very fast in the market for smart accessories. If the SPC Smartee Slim Watch us longer seemed important quality jump, the first look at SPC Smartee Watch Circle leaves an excellent impression. This watch uses a metal box 42mm Available in silver or pink gold. This attractive combined with an important collection of interchangeable bracelets. So, you can opt for leather bracelets or bracelets more lighthearted and modern plastic. The display is circular and uses IPS technology for a greater viewing angles and better tactile feedback. Also, when moving the wrist panel lights automatically.

SPC Smartee Watch Circle

The SPC Smartee Watch Circle is able to receive notifications of our mobile phone or tablet to connect via Bluetooth. It supports both Android devices like iPhone and iPad. In addition to incoming calls and SMS, this model also includes notifications from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. To enjoy these features need to download the Android application dedicated SPC Connect. We already had the chance to test this app and we liked its design and functionality. Another feature that can give us a lot of game is the inclusion of a tool to control the mobile camera remotely. Of course, this feature is only available for terminals with the Google platform. Neither will see the SMS in iPhone and iPad.

As expected, they have also included several sensors to collect our physical activity. Specifically, we pedometer to measure the number of steps you take. This data is synchronized with the mobile app. Another sensor is the altimeter to know about our height on a specific point. You could not miss a timer or an app to set alarms. Finally, we have a tool to measure the quality of sleep. This is an app that counts our movements during the night (the more quiet better quality of sleep).

The SPC Smartee Watch Circle reaches a range of between 7 and 20 hours of use or connected between two and three days without Bluetooth. It will be available in the market the next day for a starting price of 130 euros.

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