SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6

The SPC Smartee 11.6 WinBook is a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop, and have had the opportunity to test it thoroughly. The SPC Winbook Smartee that we could test came with a 11.6-inch screen, and its features included a quad-core Intel processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM, 32 gigabytes of internal memory (expandable via microSD), Windows operating system 8.1 and a battery with 9,000 mAh capacity. In theory, this device is not lost, but … how is it in practice? We proceed to find out.

But before you start, remember also that the SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6 is available in Spain for 300 euros, and if you want a slightly cheaper alternative can also use a slightly smaller version of this device, the WinBook Smartee 10.1 (from 250 euros). In our test we had the opportunity to analyze the most expensive version, so let’s begin.


SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

220 mm deep, 205 mm wide and 285 mm high, with a weight of 1.4 kilograms. It includes keyboard with touch pad (touch control for the mouse). Available in black color, with the sides of the blue tablet.

The SPC Smartee 11.6 WinBook comes with a plastic design, and before talking about its design itself, it is important that we understand their rationale. We are facing a device that consists of two parts: the screen, which becomes a tablet with touch screen and keyboard, which is designed specifically to engage the tablet. These two parts can be used separately (only using the screen as a tablet) or together (connecting the keyboard to the tablet and transforming it into a laptop). In short, the idea with which we make our stand is that the WinBook 11.6 Smartee can be used both as a tablet and a portable mode.

Once the introductions, we’ll start talking about the design of the tablet. We are facing a 11.6-inch device in the rear, incorporating a plastic housing with a relatively smooth finish (softer compared to the rest of the housing). WinBook unit Smartee 11.6 we have had the opportunity to test was black, but incorporated a curious blue stripe running down the outside of the side frames of the screen, giving a much more striking appearance to the tablet. The tablet measures around 25 (width) x 20 (H) x 1.1 (thickness) cm, and although we have not found reference to his official weight, can certify that it is not particularly high. Overall, the tablet is comfortable in the hands, and we have not encountered major problems when used without the keyboard.

As it regards physical checks, buttons Smartee 11.6 Winbook are located at the top of the carcasaSPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, which we tested back. These controls include the power button, volume button and the Windows button, while a little further we find the main camera. On the left side is where the physical connectivity, and that includes an audio output, the input current, a microUSB departure, microHDMI output and a port for microSD cards (up to 64 gigabytes), and it is also important mention that we have two USB ports on the side of the keyboard. As regards the sound at the bottom rear of the tablet we can see the two speakers.

WinBook 11.6 Smartee SPC, we have probado¿Y what’s the keyboard? We are facing a tablet designed specifically for this keyboard, and therefore incorporates a bracket that connects the screen through a fastening system. This keyboard has a touchpad, which means you can control the computer mouse without connecting any external device. The keys are flat design and have a pretty route, and doing a writing test at high speed, we can confirm that the 11.6 Winbook Smartee keyboard is perfectly valid for an office job. The key in any case remain hooked, and allow us to write a good pace little to assimilate the position of the delete key, the tilde key and the Space key. In this picture you can see the result of a typing speed test performed from the same device.

The only problem with this keyboard is that if we come from a laptop or a larger external keyboard, you will need some practice to get used to the layout of the keys. Likewise, we have also appreciated that the keyboard is heavy (more than the tablet itself), but we assume that it is a necessary to ensure the stability that the Smartee Winbook 11.6 provides detail when using it as a portable .

SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

But, what happens when you connect the tablet to the keyboard? At that time, the SPC Smartee 11.6 Winbook becomes a laptop. In this hybrid format, the device feels stable, and we can use both supported having it on a firm surface and even on their own legs. To connect the tablet to the keyboard simply have to enter into the supports, we need to remove it while pressing the silver button that is located in the central part of the support. This keyboard has a book stand type, which means we can completely close the screen to carry the device comfortably. In this case, we can also configure the system to automatically suspended from closing the display.

Of course, we must be aware that the tilt angle of the screen Smartee 11.6 WinBook is not particularly large, and certainly does not reach the opening angle which can reach a screen of a laptop.


SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

11.6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. IPS panel. 16: 9 format.

11.6-inch resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, IPS panel touchscreen … after these premises SPC screen hides Smartee Winbook 11.6. Having done a mainly multimedia use of this device, we have to mention that the image quality of Smarte 11.6 WinBook has surprised us positively. The screen is capable of providing a very clear picture when viewing videos, and colors do not abuse or cool tones or warm tones. The viewing angles are very wide, and the maximum screen brightness is sufficient for use indoors (when using outdoor screen we should not wait for an especially high brightness).

Because the display automatically rotates to the position where you’re holding the device (this option can be disabled so that the display remains fixed in one position), we can use the WinBook 11.6 Smartee screen both horizontally and vertically. When rotating the screen, the entire interface of the Windows operating system adapts to the position that we maintain the device.

SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

The touch screen response is correct, and soft taps can navigate the interface without using the touch pad keyboard. Even through gestures on the screen we can do things like select multiple files at once, copy, or paste documents, delete files or create shortcuts. In the moments when we do not have the keyboard connected, you can use the virtual keyboard that incorporates the Smartee Winbook 11.6. This virtual keyboard not only offers a display integrated into the keyboard (available in two versions: a keyboard large (in the image) and a three-part (in this picture) keyboard), but also allows us to introduce a text by handwriting, letting the operating system itself to transform our writing in text format (in this picture you can see this keyboard).

But, as we mentioned the positive sections of this screen, we must also make mention of a problem that we found when testing this device. It turns out that the screen has suffered Smartee 11.6 Winbook image burn symptoms for some time of testing, and this means that we appreciated after images that should not be on the screen (in this picture we see that some half left of the screen has stripes that seem to correspond to an open window above). We assume that this is a problem of the specific unit we’ve been testing, and we have no doubt that a customer might request a free replacement of the device to suffer a problem of this type. In any case, we could not fail to mention in the test.

Camera and Multimedia

SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

Two-megapixel main camera, front camera of two megapixels. Recording Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) at a speed of 29 frames per second.

In the section of the chamber we will not extend beyond mentioning that both the main camera as the front camera incorporates a two-megapixel sensor, and are capable of recording video in Full HD quality at a speed of 29 frames per second. To make any photographs of documents through the main camera, and maintain video calls with the front camera, we believe a sensor of this type is sufficient.

Moreover, in the multimedia section, we mention the Smartee Winbook 11.6 incorporates two speakers located at the bottom of the back cover of the screen. These speakers deliver clear sound with a fairly acceptable for movies or music volume, but especially in view-thinking would be interesting movies-they were located in the front. In any case, since this device has an audio output and two USB outputs, at any time we can improve the multimedia experience by connecting headphones or external speakers.


SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

Intel Atom processor (Z3735G) four cores running at 1.33 GHz. 1 gigabyte of RAM (DDR3L). 32 gigabytes of internal memory, expandable via a microSD card up to 64 gigabytes.

We arrived at one of the most important sections of this device: the performance. The SPC Smartee 11.6 Winbook feeds an Intel quad-core Atom processor (Z3735G model) that operates at a clock speed of 1.33 GHz, and does so accompanied by a RAM (type DDR3L) 1 gigabyte of capacity. We are facing a device that operates under the Windows operating system, so the performance is critical for programs to move smoothly … then what is the height of Smartee Winbook 11.6 of this operating system?

The answer depends on what we thought to give this device. The WinBook 11.6 Smartee SPC works fluently in the Windows interface (it takes little time to turn, is fast resuming work after hibernating state, does not suffer problems of fluidity to navigate the menus of the operating system …), nor has problems moving the most common operating system programs (see the Chrome browser, for example). As regards the multimedia section, with videos play full flow, and with a simple gesture on the screen you can navigate between the film we are seeing and the desktop. Even, we have seen that the program operates correctly Popcorn Time in Smartee Winbook 11.6.

So where are the limits performance Smartee 11.6 Winbook SPC appreciate? It is time to perform tasks such as playing a YouTube video with full HD resolution or open any heavy programs such as image editing or video when we begin to appreciate the limits to which we can bring this device. The Smartee Winbook 11.6 is not as intended to produce content but, rather, to consume, but that does not mean we can not do it also office use (answering emails, writing reports through any Windows tools we would use in a conventional computer, surf the net, etc.).

The internal storage space of 11.6 Winbook Smartee is 32 gigabytes, but the space actually available to us is set to 24 gigabytes. This capability can be expanded through a microSD card up to 64 gigabytes, and can also connect via USB external hard drive memory.


SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

Windows 8.1 version of the Windows operating system. Officially upgradeable to Windows 10.

The SPC Smartee 11.6 WinBook is shipped with Windows 8.1 version of the Windows operating system. To give us an idea of ​​the interface of this device, we are talking about exactly the same version of Windows 8.1 that we can find in a conventional computer (saving the differences of adaptation to the touch screen). This means you can install any program with Windows, and the only limits with which we find when installing and running programs are the internal storage capacity and performance of the device.

But our surprise came at the time when we discovered that the Smartee Winbook 11.6 supports upgrade of Windows 10, the latest version of the Windows operating system. Through a desktop notification, the operating system notified us during our tests this device can be upgraded to Windows 10, and since the program update itself we confirmed that this terminal is compatible with the update.

The device does not bring a particularly high number factory-installed programs, and all that incorporates that most caught our attention is the starting window. Turns out, dragging your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen, we can divide the screen into two to use two programs simultaneously. It seems that there are certain limitations on programs that can open in another window, but the applications installed by Windows (Mail, Calendar, Maps, etc.) are correctly deployed on the secondary window. In this picture we see a sample of this option.

BATTERY AND connectivities

SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

9,000 mAh battery. WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0.

Capacity is 9,000 mAh battery Winbook 11.6 Smartee SPC. This capability, translated into hours of use, we can confirm that amounts to more than six hours of autonomy even being quite picky about our use of the device. In our tests, we have been using to Smartee 11.6 WinBook has been mainly multimedia (video playback at full screen, with maximum brightness and, in some cases, through streaming), and in all cases we were able to overcome the six, seven or even eight hours of screen.

To give us an idea of ​​the autonomy of this device in our tests began to play multiple videos at 10:15 am with 80% remaining range, combining videos stored in memory and reproduced videos YouTube. At 15:05, the remaining range was 16%, and it was not until 15:34 when the power decreased to 6%. Yes, the full load time Smartee 11.6 WinBook is not exactly short, at least with the charger that’s included in the box (5V / 3A).

As it regards the connectivities, leaving aside the physical connectivity we have mentioned in the design section, remember that the Smartee Winbook 11.6 incorporates WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0.


SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6, we’ve tried

The SPC Smartee Winbook 11.6 is now available in Spain for 300 euros, and if we want a screen size more content, we also have at our disposal by the SPC 250 euros Smartee Winbook 10.1.

Finally, we mention that our conclusions about 11.6 Winbook Smartee SPC are divided into two sections: aspects that we liked most and least liked us. Among the features that we have finished more convinced we would mention the versatility of the device, the image quality, the feel of the keys on the physical keyboard, the wide range of physical and wireless connectivity and high battery life. And what we liked least? The ease with which the back of the tablet and the symptoms of image that has been burned our unit gets dirty. Regarding the price, set at 300 euros, we believe that is in line with the characteristics of the WinBook 11.6 Smartee

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