SSD Adata Premier SC660

Some time ago we told that ADATA Technology launched several external SSDs with USB 3.1 / 3.0 connection, but specifically the Premier model SC660 come later, sometime in August. That time has come and now ADATA has officially unveiled its new external SSD Premier SC660, small, very light and extremely fast.

The ADATA Premier SC660 has a luxury design with a metal cover finish created by sandblasting which gives it a very elegant look, easy hand grip, and it is also very strong (combined with that as all SSD has no mechanical parts and therefore is highly resistant to impacts). Moreover, as measures just 9.6 mm thick and weighs 80 grams, it is very comfortable to carry in your pocket or elsewhere.
SSD Adata Premier SC660

In terms of performance, the device falls short. Taking advantage of the powers of the USB 3.1 / 3.0 interface, the ASATA Premier SC660 provides a theoretical speeds of up to 440 MB / s both reading and writing. Translated into terms of real life this means we could move a 5GB movie in about 26 seconds or so. In addition, since it is compatible with Windows, Mac, next generation consoles and even Android (with an adapter to USB Type-A, of course), it will give us the versatility we need at all times.

These new external SSDs will be available in versions of 240 and 480 GB only, although as usual have indicated they are already available, they are actually way suppliers and so will not be up as soon as next week that we can see in stores. Yes, they have not said anything about the price, though fortunately will not be long until we have doubts about this.

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