Supermicro High-End-Mainboard for Intel Skylake

Supermicro has an invitation to CES sent in 2016 on which a not yet imagined motherboard can be seen. This provides an interesting detail, a heat sink on the way from the CPU to the PCI Express connectors. Our guess is a high-end motherboard with Z170 (Socket 1151, Skylake) with PLX switch.

Supermicro High-End-Mainboard for Intel Skylake

Motherboards with Intel’s Z170-PCH for Skylake and PLX switches to be able to deal with two graphics cards with full 16 PCI Express 3.0 lanes, are absolute high-end and cost at least 370 euros. Corresponding offers are available from Asus, EVGA and Gigabyte. With Supermicro could soon be joined by a fourth manufacturer to as an invitation to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016 suggests.

On the one not yet published motherboard is namely shown that judging layout after pretty sure is likely to carry a Z170-PCH for Intel Socket 1151st Supermicro is following the trend, covering the I / O area and installed larger heatsink. A slightly smaller is meanwhile centrally between CPU and PCI-Express slots. The sitting there something uncommon because there is really nothing to cool below the CPU and it is also not connected via heatpipe with the coolers for the voltage converter.

Rather, the cooler (not necessarily would be necessary that, on the safe side it is so but) sits exactly in the way of the PCI Express cables, which is why we suspect that he holds a PLX switch on temperature. Thus, the top two PCIe x16 slots could be supplied electrically, each with 16 lanes, Crossfire or SLI configurations are therefore supplied with the full bandwidth.

Priced it is likely that but have in itself: The two previous Z170 motherboards Supermicro cost about 100 Euro more than comparable models from the competition. Since starting with boards PLX Switch until 370 and ranging up to about 500 euros, one should not expect a bargain when Supermicro Mainboard

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