Swiftech Apogee XL2

The American manufacturer Swiftech, which has since 1994 making components for liquid REFRIGERACIONES custom to have recently gone to market REFRIGERACIONES liquid closed AIO style circuit, has decided to start selling individually your block star water Apogee XL2 until the date could only be purchased as part of Swiftech kit Drive X2 and already previously proved the excellent results you get with this kit.

As I said, so far the Apogee XL2 could only be obtained by purchasing the kit AIO Drive X2, which was based on the successful kit AIO H220 X2, which was launched in January this year to get immediately Rabid very positive reviews by part of the press. Of course, Swiftech has cost him some water block release their star as an individual product but are finally available to all enthusiasts REFRIGERACIONES as liquid.
The new water block has a coolant inlet Redesigned less restriction allowing the passage of fluid from a 5% improving already had its predecessor Apogee XL. This decrease implies that when a circuit with several blocks of water is not the use of excessively powerful pumps are required for the circuit to function properly, although the cautious user will always do well in calculating whether the pressure drops for each block really not going to leave the unusable prior to purchase circuit. In any case, this decrease in the flow of fluid allows the block to get a drop of up to 1 ° C versus those with the former model.

The Apogee XL2 uses a top made of transparent Plexiglas which has been incorporated both an LED as a Iris RGB LED driver that allows to program said LED to display the color desired by users. On the other hand, the base copper C110 is performed on the surface is machined traditional design of pin fins bearing using the brand for years now and has always provided excellent results, maximizing the surfaces of heat exchange and turbulence within the water block.

The waterblock Swiftech Apogee XL2 costs $ 49.95.

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