TDK A-08 TREK Mini

With a colorful and attractive appearance, TDK Mini TREK A-08 is the new portable wireless speaker of the Japanese multinational. This small accessory is available in four colors (black, white, aqua blue and pink) and their design fits both vertically and horizontally. In addition, the new TREK Mini is ideal for use outdoors without worrying about the weather, as it is splash resistant.

A-08 TDK TREK Mini

Fun, compact, colorful and very versatile, that’s how TDK defines its new creation, the A-08 TREK Mini. And, like most portable wireless speakers affordable price available in the market, this TDK opts for a bold and striking design, especially if we choose aqua blue or pink finishes. As shown in the pictures, the Mini has TREK has a cylindrical shape that allows us to place both vertically and horizontally to aim the speaker in the desired direction. A small cap with the logo of the firm hides the USB connection, auxiliary audio jack and the switch to activate the battery. On the opposite side we find a single button that performs the functions of power and Bluetooth, plus two small LEDs that tell us emperajemiento operating mode. As for its exact dimensions, the TREK Mini measures 78.5 x 70 millimeters and weighs 166 grams.

When transmitting sound, little TREK Mini uses the typical combination of more passive radiator speaker. In this case, the chosen speaker has a diameter of 1.5 inches, and play alone covers the whole frequency range at a high enough volume to supplement the poor quality offered by most phones, tablets and laptops. The main source of the new TDK audio is its Bluetooth wireless port will allow us to play music from any compatible computer at a distance of about ten meters. It also has analog audio connection via 3.5 mm stereo minijack, so we can connect any other player that has a line output.

One of the main attractions of the A-08 TDK Mini TREK is of course its splashproof construction. This feature provides additional convenience to TREK Mini, because we can use it outdoors without fear of being struck above water. This, combined with the six hours of battery that provides rechargeable lithium battery make the new TDK be very appropriate to accompany us on excursions or outdoor trips.

In short, a small Bluetooth speaker with a fun design for which we must not worry if we decide to use it outdoors. The new TDK Mini TREK A-08 is now available in major retail outlets of the brand, and its suggested retail price of 19.95 euros.

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