The Aibird Uoplay

If you are fond of photography, especially sport, you will be accustomed to the term “Gimbal” a mechanical image stabilizer that helps smartphones and cameras to make better shots in all conditions, especially in motion, of course. Today we are going to talk about the Aibird Uoplay a very high quality gimbal that can be used both with smartphones like the famous sports GoPro cameras and the like.

The gimbal Aibird Uoplay is made of aluminum, so it is quite resistant yet lightweight, and has a handle to grab which in turn incorporates a thread to anchor it to tripods or fasteners. It is compatible even with high-end drones (capable of moving weight, 384 grams). It has a three-axle motor can operate in three different modes to stabilize the device you have connected even though we’re moving, resulting in a clearer image without distortion.
Aibird Uoplay 3

Aibird Uoplay 2

Aibird Uoplay
The device is compatible with any smartphone up to six inches regardless of operating system; this does not matter because it is not connected to smartphone via Bluetooth except the stabilizer is mechanical as we said before: it is the “robotic” arm that moves to keep straight the recording device and reducing vibrations it receives. What to connect via Bluetooth is simply to start recording remotely without having to touch it.

The Aibird Uoplay incorporates a 4-way joystick to adjust the angles of the gimbal manually, so that we can adjust before starting to approach the recording angle you want. This is especially useful when you’re using a GoPro camera (is certainly compatible with GoPro Hero 3 3+, 4 and any sports camera of similar dimensions and weight).

Right now in the LightInTheBox online store you have the cheapest price of all existing online stores. Goes by 293.97 euros by DHL express delivery and will receive him into your house in about 4-5 days. If you want to purchase insurance customs case, the price amounts to 313.56 euros. In this case, if the customs will retain the product and you claim money for entregároslo, LightInTheBox will refund this money in less than a week.

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