Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass Edition

The company Thermaltake has released a new version of its innovative box Core P5 which can be hung on a wall, to which have been added three side panels made of tempered cirtal of 5 mm thick, at the same pillars manufactured safety stainless steel to make it the view of everyone in all the glory and splendor it deserves a work of art and design innovation as is the P5 Tempered Glass Core Edition.

The new box Thermaltake maintains the distinctive internal design of open box which allows display in three different positions: hanging on a wall, mounted horizontally as a HTPC box and mounted vertically as a normal ATX box while also maintaining the possibility of mounting the graphics card in two positions: traditional, with the connected graph perpendicular to the motherboard, or with the mounted graphics parallel to the plate, for which use of an extender PCIe x16 slot is made . It is precisely this type of assembly for the printing the favorite for the use of a box like Temperad Glass Core Edition P5, since it facilitates the power to teach everyone.



The box is designed to be completely disassembled to the last screw and until the last panel, the user can re-assemble their needs are better covered: with less storage bays, with more or less fans. Exactly the dream of every DIY enthusiast computer.

The side panels of tempered glass allow a perfect view of the inside of the box, including both the front and the back of it and offering the possibility can dream all modder who claims to be creating the most spectacular mounts both ways as in the play of light and thus get the person who is looking at the moment delectante “wow” all modders seek. And not just here the virtues of the box, since Thermaltake also offers modders a tool for creating your own 3D files for components that can be installed in this box printing.

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