Thermaltake Pacific V-GTX

Thermaltake premium along with partner ASUS is proud to present the new series of transparent water blocks GTX Pacific V-10, be made exclusively for ASUS ROG employee with Geforce GTX Strix 1080/1070 Gaming graphics cards. The Pacific V-GTX 10 series, specially designed to be used in systems to play with virtual reality (VR) has met the highest level “Tt LCS certificate” that ensures the best performance, compatibility and features.

The base machining copper used the most advanced manufacturing processes through CNC can prevent corrosion. Moreover, the rear plate made of aluminum alloy is used to prevent the twisting that can occur in the printed circuit card. Most importantly, the new V-series Pacific GTX 10 has a construction of the inner fins where heat exchange is performed with a thickness of 0.5 mm and a water block high flow that allows the coolant flow directly through all critical areas of the card (as are the graphics core and areas of the VRM and RAM), getting deliver maximum cooling performance.


The water block is manufactured entirely in corrosion resistance that usually occurs when water flows in a circuit where two metals (aluminum and copper) electrolytic copper. By achieving this resistance, Thermaltake has ensured that the wear is usually generated in these circumstances is minimized, with the peace that it brings to its users. The block has been given a polished finish mirror to achieve a capacity of heat transfer between the water and the block is exceptional, you look at it, is that users of liquid REFRIGERACIONES Thermaltake expect nothing less of this company. Besides, thanks to the design made of plexiglass, users can always see water circulation within the block and, if used refrigerants colors may boast in front of their friends or when attending parties such Lan Party with equipment.

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