Thermaltake Suppressor F1

Thermaltake has introduced the “suppressor F1” the third case of this series, but this copy is not insulated, in contrast to F31 and F51. Moreover, it is much smaller and only for Mini-ITX motherboards suitable. Behind the simple front is a 200 mm fan and a 2-chamber system for separation of hidden hardware.
Thermaltake Suppressor F1
The side panels and the top are all the same size and thus interchangeable, so that with the window can be replicated elsewhere as a place above the housing part. Wen the now reminiscent of the introduced in August Thermaltake V1 core, is right. The manufacturer appears to use the same chassis at two housings. The dimensions are 276x260x319 mm (HxWxD) almost the same, only the length has grown by the other front to 3 mm. The front panel has been changed a bit, but has the same connectors and buttons (two USB 3.0, Audio, Power and Reset Button).
The power supply unit is positioned in the lower chamber and can be up to 180 mm long. Otherwise, the bottom can accommodate up to four hard drives or SSDs (twice 3.5 and 2.5 twice “), for cables or hoses for water cooling.
The Mini-ITX mainboard comes into the upper chamber, where it is installed horizontally. The CPU cooler may be up to 140 mm high and the (dual slot) graphics card up to 255mm long.
The already built-in 200 mm fan rotating at 800 rpm, and can be supplemented by two additional, optional 80 mm fan on the rear panel. The side panels have magnetic dust filter behind the vent holes and the dust filter in the housing base, which protects the fresh air there pulling power supply from contamination, can be easily pulled out.
The Thermaltake suppressor F1 is already available and is offered online for a little less than 60 euros.

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