Thomson Car Tracker

Be honest: how many times we happened to wander the streets of a city that is not known to the search of their car, forgotten in a parking lot somewhere? If at least once in their life has happened to you, then the brand new GPS locator to Thomson Car Tracker car might be for you. It allows anyone to find in a few moments the exact location of your car, but also not provided any theft or moving through a practical and intuitive application for free download from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Thomson Car Tracker

Easy to install with plug and play functionality that configures the device as soon as it is plugged into the car’s OBDII port, Car Tracker uses the GPS network to track the car with a margin of error of less than 15 meters. And in addition to giving the user the possibility to view on smartphones and tablet display the car’s location on a map, thanks to the integration with Google Maps application, through the innovative augmented reality mode is also possible to receive a ‘detailed picture of its exact location.
Thomson Car Tracker The tracker is not limited to signal to its owner the car’s position, but it is able to instantly detect possible theft or moving the vehicle. Thanks to a special system of Alert, in fact, Car Tracker notifies the app, a text message or an e-mail as soon as the motor is activated or when the device is disconnected.
Thanks to the application Thomson, compatible with iOS systems, Android and Web Based PC, you can also access the history of the car’s movements (position and velocity) and calculate the fuel consumption used.
Distributed on the Italian market by Bigben Interactive and available in major retail outlets Rest at suggested retail price of € 149.99, the GPS locator car requires a SIM card with data plan and comes with a 600mAh rechargeable battery that ensures the operation even when the car is not in operation.
Technical specifications:
Plug and Play with the car OBDII input
Uses GPS and GSM
GPS Accuracy Margin of error of less than 15 meters
Rechargeable 600 mAh to work when the car is turned off
Use standard SIM card with data plan
Track your machine anywhere, through the application Thomson Car Tracker integrated with Google Maps
Calculates fuel consumption
car localization in Augmented Reality / proximity function
Geo-fence alert and theft by SMS, e-mail and notifications on the app
Compatible with iOS systems, Android and Web Based PC

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