Thunderbolt 3

Intel developed Thunderbolt latest version of the Thunderbolt 3 has many important differences.

Intel’s ever claimed to be the fastest connection system Thunderbolt 3 draws attention to what they offer. Basic motto of “More speed, more pixels, the more probability” that the Thunderbolt 3; data transfer, offering significant advances in image transmission and power transmission.

Thunderbolt 3 has many innovations it offers to users. The most notable among these innovations are double 4K display support. Users with two Thunderbolt 3 60Hz 4K monitor or TV can use a single Thunderbolt cable. DisplayPort 1.2 based on having to support Thunderbolt flow channel 2 and 8 3 can carry twice as much video bandwidth compared to other cable structure.

thunderbolt features

New Thunderbolt version, affecting the speed of the flow of data as well as video streaming. 3 ports Thunderbolt-enabled computers, compared to the previous generation with 40Gbps data transfer rate offers more than twice the speed. For example, Intel says to 4K film Thunderbolt technology can transfer in 30 seconds 3.
Thunderbolt 3
Power transmission is one of the features with increasing Thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3, allows the transfer of power up to 100W. This, say laptops will charge faster. In addition to laptop or desktop computers are equipped with Thunderbolt ports 3 rechargeable devices with 15W power can be transferred.

thunderbolt speed

Of course, you need a compatible titles for all these features. At this stage, the circuit enters the USB Type-C standard. USB-C Thunderbolt 3 with both the fastest moving with sure steps in becoming the most modern type of connection.

Thunderbolt 3 Specifications

Thunderbolt ™, USB, DisplayPort, and power transfer via USB-C
USB-C connector and cable
40 Gbps Thunderbolt ™ 3 – Thunderbolt 2 doubles
Two-way and has the support of two protocols (PCI Express and DisplayPort)
4 PCI Express Gen 3 channel
8 DisplayPort 1.2 channel (HBR2 MST)
Two 4K display support (4096 x 2160 30bpp @ 60Hz)
USB 3.1 (10 Gbps) – which are already compatible with USB devices and cables
DisplayPort 1.2 – compatible with existing DisplayPort devices and cable-ready state
Adapters with DVI, HDMI and VGA display connectivity support
power transfer via USB
100W for charging system
For devices fed from Thunderbolt 15W
Thunderbolt ™ Network
10Gb Ethernet connectivity between computers
Up to 6 devices daisy chain support
lowest latency for PCI Express audio recording

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