Toshiba Mobile Zero Client

No operating system or hard disk, Toshiba Mobile Zero Client (TMZC) allows users to access their virtual desktops, both at work and at home, without the data is stored locally on HDD or solid state drives. All features and data are available through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), cloud-based, eliminating the possibility of malware infection and reducing the chance the risk of data theft in case the PC is lost or stolen. Customers can use the PC without leaving digital traces, after a simple installation process by being compatible with most of the existing IT infrastructure in the company.

TMZC ѐ available on many devices of the new series of business notebooks from Toshiba and is designed considering the company’s core values: safety, reliability, connectivity and management. In addition to supporting the secure data storage external to the device, TMZC guarantees of this new series of notebooks extra protection thanks to BIOS solely developed by Toshiba, designed and built in-house to avoid any risk of third-party interference. The zero client BIOS is designed to limit connections to the management server through the authentication and to prevent any attempt to boot from external devices or unauthorized networks.
Toshiba Mobile Zero Client
Enterprise data security, without sacrificing efficiency and new mobile work mode, remains a priority for companies, particularly in the mid-market and corporate segments. TMZC will offer an advantage to these companies, eliminating the security vulnerabilities that can increase due to the use of a thin client solution, and the limited availability of the mobile solutions, without compromising the functionality of the device.
Companies will have the opportunity to receive assistance from Toshiba and its partners when they decide to switch to the zero client working arrangements to staff to ensure continuous access to data and software required. The agile endpoint management solution will provide IT staff the flexibility and power to centrally control access rights to certain data and programs, helping to prevent abuses and to protect others valuable asset for the company.
Unlike other proposals currently available zero client, TMZC gives companies the ability, but also the complete security, to support mobile workers, allowing them to be productive and efficient, regardless of where they are, and supporting companies that are exploring ways of off-premise work. In addition, it will help create a long-term savings. For example, a company can reduce the space required in the office as well as reduce energy costs, also helping to reduce purchases and support for the operating equipment.
Toshiba Mobile Zero Client
The availability of TMZC on new Toshiba notebook families provides additional advantages in terms of security from the moment they are activated, since the control of Toshiba boot service is installed in secure and reliable data center Microsoft Azure. The control service to boot prevents the start of lost or stolen devices, making them unusable and avoiding the execution or installation of traditional operating systems. Authentication is possible to startup and at regular intervals while the system is active to allow him to remotely shut down the device if necessary.
TMZC is a highly flexible solution that works equally well with both VMware and Citrix can be simply integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Moreover, the fact that the solution is installed inside the corporate network, not only complete the security features but eliminates the need to run expensive installation processes and long.
The solution has already been tested by Toshiba customers in many areas, including those where the eligibility criteria and safety are particularly tight. Toshiba is currently developing future connectivity options, such as LTE, which will ensure greater levels of functionality off-premise in the future.

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