The TP-LINK RE355 is a WiFi extender or repeater for home users and small businesses. A great accessory for those households where there are dead spots or WiFi signal does not reach all rooms well. The TP-LINK RE355 is easy to use. Once paired with the router, the LED indicator will show if we circle by placing the device in the correct plug to extend the WiFi network. In addition, it supports WiFi AC protocol, bringing its top speed to 1,200 Mbps. A more affordable to TP-LINK RE450 alternative that you can find in the market for a price of 70 euros. We tell you all the details.

One of the more problems we encounter when using the Internet is that many times the signal does not reach all corners of the house, or get very weak. Misplacement of the router, too big house or many obstacles in the path of the signal can worsen the quality of Internet quite a few meters. The most natural solution to this problem is to be done with a WiFi extender or repeater to repeat the signal to bring it to every corner of the home. The TP-LINK RE355 is a proposal that emphasizes ease of installation.
Once we synchronize it with the router, this WiFi repeater shows the quality of the signal with a circular glow a different color depending on whether you have placed in the right plug or not correctly receive the WiFi signal LED indicator. One of the most important keys of the TP-LINK RE355 is in its protocol support WiFi AC. This technology allows us to connect simultaneously to the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and the bandwidth of 5 GHz.


In the case of TP-LINK RE355 WiFi repeater, the maximum speed that can reach stands at just under 1,200 Mbps up to 300 Mbps bandwidth in the 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps in width 5 GHz band. These speeds are a step below that offered by the TP-LINK RE450, capable of reaching up to 1750 Mbps. But still, this is more than enough performance for normal household use (and for the quality of the connections we have in Spain today).

The bandwidth of 2.4 GHz are commonly used for typical tasks such as sending emails or surfing the Internet, while the bandwidth of 5 GHz can be reserved for more demanding tasks such as online gaming or streaming High quality video. The TP-LINK WiFi Extender RE450 includes three external signal to deploy in all directions and includes an Ethernet port antennas. In this way, we also have the option to connect a device such as a TV or a game console directly via cable and enjoy a stable connection. You can already find the TP-LINK WiFi repeater RE355 in the market for 70 euros.

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