Transcend SuperMLC SSD

Company Transcend Information has introduced a new technology Super MLC, with which will create new economical solutions for storage capacity at the level of flash memory type SLC NAND.

Explaining the principle of the new technology, Transcend experts say that in the case of SuperMLC each cell stores two, but only one bit of information. This can significantly improve the performance and durability of solid state drives, especially when we are talking about a small amount of drives.
During internal tests sequential write speed of new SSD drives exceeded the performance-based MLC flash four times, in addition, they stand about 30 thousand. Erase / write cycles.
Transcend SuperMLC SSD
Transcend introduced the technology SuperMLC, intended for industrial SSD
Transcend claims that drives based on flash memory type SuperMLC will be an excellent choice for all kinds of industrial solutions. Already in sleduyuyuschem, the manufacturer will release several solutions of different form factor: 2,5 “SSD (SSD510K), mSATA SSD (MSA510), half slim SSD (HSD510) and M.2 SSD (MTS460 and MTS860).

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