Tronsmart Ara x5

In recent years we have talked to hundreds of Android TV Box, devices that allow you to perform on home TV applications Play Store, and recently of Mini PC with Windows that – in most cases – integrate an Intel Atom Bay Trail and Windows 8.1 with Bing to compress the price. Tronsmart but is ready to launch something new (but different): a TV Box with Windows 10 and the Intel Atom processor of the latest generation, practically one of the first models that will characterize the next generation of Mini PCs.

According to reports from Liliputing, Tronsmart Ara x5 will be a small desktop PC designed for your living room, then to run any Windows application (including productivity) on TV. For all we know, the hardware equipment is based on an Intel Atom Z8300-x5 (Cherry Trail), a SoC low power 14 nm quad-core 64-bit Intel HD graphics, which should offer better performance than Bay Trail to a chip using a few watts of power and generating little heat. Thanks to the adoption of this CPU, Tronsmart could design a passive cooling system, and then inside of the frame there will be no fan.

The rest of the data sheet provides 2GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage, dual-band WiFi (802.11n 802.11ac?) And Windows 10 Home. Despite the small houses, the company was able to integrate an RJ-45 (Ethernet), HDMI, audio jack, two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 and a microSD card reader. Prices have not yet been announced, but Tronsmart Ara x5 will be available on the market for August. We’ll be back in a few weeks, with a complete list of hardware specifications and the first details on the sale.

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