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Esense was among the first to launch a TV stick based on Intel processor and operating system Windows 8.1 in January, a few days following the announcement of Intel Compute Stick. As you know, it is the key TV proposal directly from Intel on the market and is also the paradigm and the benchmark for the entire category.
And so, given that Intel has decided to add a fan to the design of its Compute Stick to solve the overheating problems that had emerged on first samples, Esense also decided to follow the same route by announcing the second generation of its TV stick Wintel.

The first was called Esense D1 and had a fanless design and a common hardware platform to other solutions of the same type with an Intel Atom Z3735F, 2GB of RAM DDR3L-RS and 16-32GB of solid state storage. What distinguished Esense D1 was the frame with glossy finish and different colors that gave her a funny look and pleasant.

The dimensions were among the most compact with a thickness of 9.7mm, but a frame so tight and no openings for ventilation prevented the key to dissipate the heat produced by the components overheat. Generally it is not enough to prevent overheating of the device commonly used, and in fact Esense D1 has been a great success in spite of this drawback. Hence the decision to continue to produce it by updating the operating system to Windows 10 (it is supported even Android Lollipop).

But for those who were to be concerned that in the long run excessive temperatures can lead to a reduced life cycle or other hardships, the Chinese manufacturer is now offering the second generation of its TV stick that is named, not surprisingly, of Esense D2.

Esense D2 shares the same hardware platform Esense D1, Bay Trail-T processor, 2GB of DDR3L-RS that reduces recovery time from standby and 16GB eMMC, but completely changes the frame, which is now more squat and bulky and especially shows some flashy grilles for ventilation. In addition to the ventilation openings, Esense has also added a small fan that, similar to the latest generation of Intel Compute Stick, but not always intervenes only when the temperature reaches a threshold alarm to avoid disturbing users with its buzz.

Esense D2 will be on sale from August. I remind you that not all manufacturers have deguati the indications of the House of Santa Clara about the addition of a fan, and some people have studied alternative solutions with passive cooling to keep their TV stick completely silent.

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