Uber warns drivers if their speed exceeds the limit

Uber, the network of private transport links with its customers through an application on the mobile phone, warn their drivers when they exceed speed limits, curb aggressively, not rest properly or talk on the phone while they lead. For this the application will be launching messages through the phone screen.

No one can ignore the incipient growth of this new network of private taxis, not without controversy. Despite the success we’re having, the main difference with the official and conventional taxis remains, for many users, security.

Uber and security are two words often sound like strange bedfellows depending on which person you ask him. There are many times when it has been known that the company did not perform even basic safety testing their new drivers, sometimes with catastrophic results. However, to try to escape this general thought about the deficit Uber security, the company has released an update to the application, which will monitor all activity of their drivers and warn them whenever they commit an error.

For example, if a driver with leg too light, is constantly exceeding the speed limit will be warned, in the same way that if you drive aggressively with frequent acceleration and braking. The platform will also know whether a driver is driving and holding his phone at the same time, data that will be recorded on the screen, in full view of customers. Finally, those drivers with excessive desire to work, they work long overtime just to make more money, be warned that they must rest before becoming a danger to themselves, for customers and for all other players highway.

The new update is already in use in the United States, which have not yet yielded results. It is expected to be soon available worldwide in general and in Spain in particular. Uber continues and continues to grow.


The company has taken the opportunity to pull out a thorn and polish their security credentials, often questioned. According to Uber, its growth has been accompanied by a sharp decline in complaints and accidents of drivers under the influence of alcohol after party nights. To demonstrate the data, the company has brought to light data in collaboration with police in Atlanta (United States) to prove it. Rumour has it that the data could be manipulated to look more spectacular, although it seems common sense that if after enjoying the night and take a drink with your friends, choose the option that you take home, the risks of an accident They are greatly reduced

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