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Emerging Chinese brands that are coming to our country not yet have widespread acceptance in the big market, and it is normal because we are guided by the brands we already know. But after that suspicion we can be missing quality products and powerful that an effort of trust can even be considered a bargain for the relationship so great value they offer. One such case is found in the UleFone Future, with a fresh, new and risky proposition but without forgetting functionality. And for just 250 euros.

The main feature of UleFone Future is its lack of frames on the sides. What we get with it? Mainly broaden the screen 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution and Gorilla Glass 3 protection, offering a wider image in both vertical and horizontal format. Depending on the brand, remove frames it provides a unique vision and comfort, since the driving experience that occurs is to have a 5-inch phone, making it easier to use with one hand. Boast of being the first mobile world with this provision, although the practice a Galaxy S6 or S7 Edge are made frameless mobile. The design of the housing is made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum unibody with a USB-C port that ensures fast loading and two speakers on the bottom. In the top a mini jack. Perhaps one of the negative points is the weight, 185 grams, which today is already considered heavy in a new generation terminal.

ulefone future 2

Apart from the main hook of the phone, its internal features accompanying the attractive external appearance. The combo representing Helio P10 chip eight-core 2GHz the T860 graphics card and RAM 4GB guarantee us a quick and unblocked use, specially designed for video viewing and experience ‘gamer’. Internal storage is 32 GB, which is quite unusual for mid-range, and much appreciated. The microSD slot allow us to expand up to 128 GB more. For the camera, UleFone has had Samsung and 3P3, 16 megapixels, with flash Dual Tone. Before a 5 megapixel sensor, also from Samsung, more specifically S5K5E2. In terms of autonomy, it is SONY who has manufactured them battery 3000 mAh, which guarantees up 200h at rest. Another curious aesthetic feature is that the fingerprint scanner is located on the side, rather than at the back, like many current Chinese models. Its connectivity is 4G, supports two SIM cards (even when the two are connected, only one can use 4G), and carries the Android 6.0 operating system Marshmallow base.

This interesting device is now only available in Aliexpress same, and can be purchased for 250 euros. An interesting and novel bet that regardless of aesthetics opens the door to a generation of Chinese mid-range phones seeking its place in Spanish homes.

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