Romanian team of developers launched a portal Indiegogo fundraising campaign sensor uRADMonitor. Device name speaks for itself – it can be used to measure the levels of X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma radiation, the presence of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. You can also keep track of the level of dust, dirt and allergens from the fumes of household chemistry, atmospheric pressure, humidity and even temperature.


URADMonitor sensor family will be enclosed in the body of different designs, with different controls and functionality. Model uRADMonitor Model D is designed for portable use and is equipped with a radiation detector 712 LND, atmospheric Bosch BME680 detector and the photoelectric sensor Sharp. Control takes place with a color touch screen, the transmission of the collected data – the network Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n. The battery capacity of 1500 mA ∙ h is enough for 8 hours of continuous operation. Retail price uRADMonitor Model D will be $ 590, investors will receive a discount of $ 100.

Option uRADMonitor Model A is more suitable for attachment to fixed objects or vehicles. To protect from the rain provided a rubber casing, the body itself is made of aluminum. There Geiger probe SBM-20, a temperature sensor and an Ethernet port for automatic data transfer to the Internet. Retail price is $ 190, the device during the campaign is estimated at $ 150.

Model uRADMonitor KIT1 is designed for self-assembly, compared to Model A temperature sensor it has lost, but gained LCD. The price is $ 90 a set assembled version will cost $ 30 more expensive.

Even more interest than the devices themselves, is a global system for tracking the environmental situation. Data is collected and stored centrally but intuitive visualization on the map, you can track changes over time for different sensors or territories, and in excess of the specified tolerances are sent notification.

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