Vernee Apollo Lite Plus

The time for reserves run out of new mobile Vernee Apollo Lite Plus is coming and the end and soon, users who bought it can enjoy with their new handsets in hands. However, it seems that all sales are heading toward the black model when, in fact, no other than our eyes, is much more beautiful and elegant: the Apollo Vernee Lite Plus in its white version.

We recognize that the new terminal Vernee is hogging headline after headline of the press, both written and images, and we know it is no wonder given the expectation is rising with the huge amount of analysis that are now on the network and the fabulous sensations that has left in the hands of those who have been lucky enough to try this terminal. We ourselves have already spoken before the exceptional performance that this terminal when used with games or how the Helio X20 processor that incorporates functions to save the maximum consumption of the battery. And it does not matter where you look, the new terminal Vernee is designed to be a winner in all fields.

Vernee Apollo Lite Plus

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects that can be found is its design. A quite minimalist and undeniably tasteful design, where the rounded shapes combined with the 2.5D screen to remove unpleasant and uncomfortable right angles, creating a completely organic structure that does not clash with anything or any situation. No matter the occasion, Apollo Lite Plus Vernee never out of tune compared to other mobile terminals by design.

Apollo Vernee white Lite Plus 01

The funny thing is that sales of this terminal have been especially focused on color models Space Gray when, in our opinion, the white model is much more attractive than before. Thus, while the darker color model conveys an undeniable seriousness and sobriety, white model conveys a feeling of a freer more casual look but at the same time, more serene. It seems wrong that people have not stopped to look at this model more closely and to remedy the situation, we leave you a video where our guests can get to know this model of Apollo Lite Plus.

Now I think that you will be with us that the model made of white has absolutely nothing to envy to model manufactured in Space Gray. In fact, in our opinion, it is far more beautiful and elegant, especially if you are young users. Of course, we know that this specific model of Apollo Lite Plus will not leave anyone indifferent by their gorgeous curves and generally, its spectacular design that could make other terminals much higher range (for the price) be seen forced to lower his head, embarrassed. Because this new mobile is already saying many things all competition and is setting the bar against which will have to be measured, really very high.

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