VIA Technologies has unveiled its new system VIA ARTiGO A830 for urban IoT deployments, which include intelligent lockers, smart vending machines, information kiosks and intelligent signs. With a robust design, a wide operating temperature range (-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C) and protection from lightning surges, the system has been designed to offer 24/7 reliability even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Processing, graphics and video performance features deliver excellent performance for multimedia applications in the shopping, entertainment and navigation, while the built-in 5W audio amplifier ensures optimal sound quality.


Successor ARTiGO A820, A830 VIA ARTiGO combines a hardware high-performance ultra-reliable platform with a stable structure Android 4.4.2 software that enables the rapid development of multimedia applications and services that use touch interfaces, voice and wireless. It is already deployed in various cities in China, where the high utilization rates of smartphones and the proliferation of mobile payment systems are pushing the development of applications and services O2O (online-to-offline) in densely populated urban area.
Below, some of the main features:
A rich set of I / O interfaces, six USB 2.0 ports, five RS-232 COM ports, one RS-485 COM Phoenix 3-pin port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a slot for SIM cards that support a wide range of peripherals including tough screens, bar code readers and security cameras.
video performance and enhanced audio: HDMI and LVDS support for HD video and an integrated audio amplifier 5W for a high-quality audio performance.
A wide operating temperature range from -20 to 60 ℃: guarantee stable operation in extreme climatic conditions.
antistatic protection and lightning: resistant to various external shocks to operate 24/7 without stopping.
development kit BSP Android allows full support custom requirements from the design of applications and software development to monitoring and remote maintenance, significantly speeding up the development process and time to market.

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