Volkswagen Tiguan BiTDI 240

How do you say? A shot of the barrel, and the other to the rim, the important thing is that they are two shots and, a few months after its debut, Volkswagen Tiguan adds irons in the fire with the diesel 1.6 115 hp and the 2 liter twin-turbo 240 hp which so far he had found space only in the Passat hood. The other is still a novel for the German SUV that Italy strongly wanted instead of 2 liters of the same power, which is available in other markets, but it represents a psychological barrier for the customer, especially since more than one competitor is it is equipped with a diesel engine of this class to revealing the fundamental weapon to the volumes.

if not for the typical elements of the more powerful version, equipped with dell’allestimento series R-Line and, therefore, characterized by a more sporty look, which He points out fully what he has under the hood. To be honest, I find it a bit ‘redundant, but I have to admit, if you imagine an SUV that wants to show itself in his being German, the Tiguan it is no doubt. And the Sebring 19-inch wheels with 255/45 R19 tires and spokes gray, set of 10 mm lowered sport chassis, they merely emphasize, not to mention the 20-inch variant Suzuka. In both cases, it takes flared fenders and side skirts to contain the exuberance. Then there are the air intakes increased in glossy black, spoiler and rear diffuser while inside Top Comfort seats, sports steering wheel, black sky and illuminated door sill trims give me at once the feeling of being in a Tiguan uncommon. Whether you choose the microfiber, is the skin you can not help but be satisfied with the appearance and quality of a cabin that offers uncommon light and space for the luggage compartment with an extremely capable (from 470 to 1,655 liters), flexible (with the sofa flowing to 18 cm) and very well cared for. If I have to find a flaw, it is that everything is very Volkswagen therefore conservative. For some it will be a limit, for others a strength. Certainly not for the technology, with cutting-edge telematics offered by digital equipment on the 12.3-inch TFT display, by Discover Media and Discover Pro systems and the Car-Net services.
Volkswagen Tiguan BiTDI 240 interior

Volkswagen Tiguan BiTDI 240 3

Volkswagen Tiguan BiTDI 240 2

Volkswagen Tiguan BiTDI 240

The first thing that strikes me about the Tiguan is the driving position: a true SUV, so dominant, with the horizontal steering wheel and a high seat, aimed to offer both comfort is ease in entering and exit. While all link to “crossoverizzare” or “automobilizzare” the command post of this type of car, in Wolfsburg have thought that you had instead give a precise connotation and does not do, as before, something that riconducesse the Golf. The important fact is that one can see everywhere and the perimeter vision system is really something extra security. The engine of this port instead of the Passat and Tiguan is the 2-liter 240 hp and 500 Nm coupled to the 7-speed DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive. What can make this 4-cylinder from the numbers (228 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 6.5 s.), But I assure you they are not enough. His look and his energy are in fact imperative, at all speeds and gaits, and if I have to find fault, maybe I expected more extension. For the rest … You have to accelerate from standstill quickly? This Tiguan, which also weighs 18 tons, triggered vehement as if digrignasse teeth. Six instead of state and highway and you have to gain speed for overtaking? I just hit half throttle and feel an enormous drive that becomes almost angry if I call into question the change, with both the kick down is turning the paddles behind the steering wheel. The Tiguan then it seems to me that it has a chassis that does not intimidate as much strength because the electronically controlled suspension work well, the brakes are quick and powerful and also the steering puts me in the hand car pasty and self-confident also with the chopper driving modes and the ability to build your own, the German has everything to become the car of its driver and lives. The only thing that seems to me to be perfected is the aerodynamic noise: there is some noise too, and not only from the German highway speeds.

The highlight of this Tiguan is undoubtedly the 2-liter diesel engine with 240 hp, the most powerful and “dense” in its class with a value of 121.9 hp / liter. The base is the unit with 150 hp and 190 hp in this range, but with several differences starting with biturbo turbocharging (one variable geometry) blowing up to 2.8 bar. Compared to other single turbo family, this has a completely different cylinder head, aligned with the valves and not alternate, and does not have the phase shifter nor the operation in Miller cycle. Another special feature is the exhaust aftertreatment system that integrates near the engine the oxidation catalyst, the SCR filter to AdBlue and diesel particulate filter to reduce bulk and improve temperature control, which is essential for the proper functioning of these devices.
How much

This Tiguan costs 45,500 Euros, a demanding money for a car by the mechanics and premium performance that has as its sole competitor, the BMW X1 xDrive 25d from 231 hp that costs 45,650 Euros, but with the basic equipment. Here, however, there is almost everything, both from an aesthetic point of view, both technical, both safety liddove things can even coincide, as for example in the case of digital instruments, headlamps and rear LED. Without forgetting the 3-zone climate control, also standard. You pay instead of the Discover Pro tip-telematic system with inductive charging, and WLAN, and the DAB tuner.
Engine tested: 2.0 BiTDI 240 hp 4Motion DSG
When he arrives: November 2016
How much: € 45,500 (preparation Executive R-Line)
It consumes 6.4 l / 100km (combined cycle)
CO2: 167 g / km
Power / torque: 240 HP / 176 kW
Warranty: 2 years

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