Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13″ and 16″ Pro Pen 2

Wacom MobileStudio Pro allows professionals – engaged in the creation of digital content – you always have with you the most important business tools, at any time and wherever they are. MobileStudio Pro offers a level of control and unprecedented accuracy in any creative session and users will be thrilled with the results that may be obtained.

With the newly designed Wacom pen Pro Pen 2, which guarantees an accuracy of line and a pressure sensitivity four times higher than the previous Wacom professional pen, optimized resolution, cutting-edge graphics, excellent color performance, a camera 3D and other innovations, Wacom MobileStudio Pro is the last frontier in terms of creative tools for artists and designers 2D, 3D, and most demanding CAD.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Wacom has developed a 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch family of new computers MobileStudio Pro to meet the most diverse creative requirements, processing and modern professionals budget. Users can choose from six different configurations: 4 13.3-inch models combine maximum mobility, performance and color accuracy, while two 15.6-inch models provide larger working area, with 4K resolution, high performance color and graphics NVIDIA Quadro superior. Supplied with Windows 10, MobileStudio Pro offers all the power of which professionals need to run industry-standard applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as more demanding creative 3D software applications.

MobileStudio Pro is the first product to offer the innovative technology of Wacom Pen Pro Pen 2. By ensuring line accuracy and pressure sensitivity four times higher than the previous Pro Pen pen, Wacom confirms its attention to the performance of the pen, in order to create an intuitive and seamless experience that transcends the digital divide. Users will also be thrilled with the almost uninterrupted stretch, allowing you to quickly grasp the creative inspiration and keep longer concentration.

The industrial designer, designers and the 3D models creators will find a wide range of capabilities in Pro MobileStudio able to streamline their workflow and maximize productivity. While being different from one another, the various MobileStudio Pro models all feature powerful Intel processors and storage and memory configurations ranging from 64 to 512 GB. The NVIDIA Quadro (M600M or M1000M) available in 15.6 “MobileStudio Pro model board speeds up the creation of computer-generated images and the creation of digital content.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

In addition, for users who wish to acquire 3D scans as a starting point for the development process, some selected MobileStudio Pro models include the 3D camera RealSense Intel. The scan can be transferred in a software application or as ZBrush Fusion 360 for the realization of a 3D model.
To accelerate the creative workflow various features have been added for productivity designed to speed up operations, including the ExpressKeys, Touch Ring and practical buttons on the pen that allows users to quickly and easily configure the functions with a single touch. In addition, the optional Wacom Link technology enables users to connect MobileStudio Pro to any Mac or PC and use it as a standard Cintiq display: an outstanding feature for those who have a Mac and prefer to work with Mac OS in its own studio.

Configurations, prices and availability

MobileStudio Pro 13 “: four models feature a high brightness panel IPS, 2.5K resolution (WQHD) and 96% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. The options for customers are defined by the size of the SSD: 64GB at € 1599.90, 128GB 1899.90 euro, 256 GB and 512 GB 1999.90 EUR to 2699.90 EUR. MobileStudio Pro 16 “: two models include a high-brightness IPS panel, 4K (UHD) and 94% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. The options are 256GB 2599.90 € NVIDIA Quadro M600M with 2GB VRAM and 512 GB to 3199.90 euro with NVIDIA Quadro

M1000M with 4 GB of VRAM.

The 3D camera is available for both of MobileStudio Pro 16 “models and for the 512 GB version of the model 13”. MobileStudio Pro will be available online and at select retailers by the end of November.

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