WD My Cloud Mirror

The WD My Cloud Mirror (second generation) is a team to create your own personal cloud at home. Once connected to the network can be accessed from the browser at home or anywhere to upload your multimedia files and have them always at hand. This device for two hard drives are available in configurations of 4 TB 6 TB and 8 TB. By default, disks are configured in RAID 1 or mirror so that all data is saved simultaneously on the two disks. While that means not having half the space available, if an error occurs in one of them files will not be lost. The WD My Cloud Mirror and can be found in the market for a starting price of approximately 300 euros. We tell you all the details of this model in depth analysis.

WD My Cloud Mirror

WD My Mirror Cloud

Capacity and configuration

The new network server Western Digital is available in three different configurations. It is a computer with two hard drive slots. To be directed to a home user, the company markets the model directly with their own network with WD speed of 5,400 rpm. These traditional hard drives are designed specifically to be working steadily, which becomes a guarantee to save them for a long period of time without problems. The available settings are:

4 TB on two discs of 2 TB
6TB two 3 TB drives
Two discs 8 TB 4 TB
By default, the company has these configured with RAID 1 or mirror disks. This configuration assumes that all files that are uploaded to the network is duplicated on both disks. If one drive fails, the data is still safe. Although we lose half the space, it is a feature that can give us a lot of play to keep our most precious memories. Anyway, users have the option to change this setting to a traditional or RAID 0. In this case, what you do is split between two disk files for us to go faster to work with. Of course, if one disk fails the entire file is lost.

Besides these two slots, the US company has included two USB 3.0 ports that can connect external hard drives to increase the available space.

WD My Mirror Cloud

Functions and performance

The WD My Cloud Mirror connects to the home network through an Ethernet cable. Once configured, the file management can be done easily directly through a browser. Your operating system WD My Cloud OS is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Safari 6 or higher, Firefox or Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac OS. The company wanted to emphasize simplicity for file management and access to the characteristics of the machine from simple. One of the great advantages of this device is that it allows users to access both locally (connected to the same network) and from anywhere in the world. That is, we can create our own online storage system, similar to what they offer platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive or onedrive.

To make it easier to upload files to the network and have them synchronized on all computers from home, we have the WD Sync application. Since this tool folders you want to synchronize directly with the WD My Cloud Mirror, so that files are always updated are selected. This option is useful if, for example, routinely work with documents and want the latest version is always available.

The photos of the mobile or tablet can be automatically synchronized with the WD My Mirror Cloud

We also have a dedicated application for Android and iOS called WD My Cloud. In this case, the app offers the ability to upload directly to the network all the photos and videos you take with the camera phone. To not spend our mobile data rate, we can choose to upload the files as we make the decision or just the time when we are connected to a WiFi network.

Besides saving files, another strong options Cloud Mirror WD My second generation is to create backup files of your computer. If you have a Mac, this device is compatible with Apple Time Machine software to create backups. If you have a Windows PC, copies are made through the WD SmartWare Pro application. This is a program with very intuitive and user-friendly interface that could prove a while. One of the things we liked most is the option to save a particular file type beyond its location in a specific folder. For example, we can save all Word documents that have scattered around the computer. And the same with music or videos, pictures …

WD My Cloud

The WD My Cloud Mirror is compatible with DLNA devices, such as many TVs. This connection serves to play directly on the TV multimedia files such as videos or movies that have saved without using cable. Certainly a very interesting to squeeze all the juice to this network server option.

A new feature of this device compared to the first WD My Mirror Cloud is found on your processor. Instead of a single core, the second generation chip uses two processing cores at a speed of 1.3 GHz. In this way, better performance and ability to perform more complex tasks is achieved. Along with this chip we have a memory of 512 MB.

WD My Mirror Cloud


The Mirror of My Cloud Western Digital is quite compact, if we consider that hosts two hard drives inside. Its size is 171.45 x 154.94 x 99.06 mm, while its weight varies by configuration chosen. Thus, the model with two 2 TB drives weighs 1.6 kilos, the two 3 TB drives up to 2.1 kilos and the latest configuration with two 4 TB disks are located in the 2, 3 kilos. The company uses a sturdy plastic frame in white. One of the distinguishing touches is a wide strip of dark gray with LED to represent the activity of the two discs and the model name. If you have to change discs, do it with the computer turned off (no hot swapping function).

Price and Review

The WD My Cloud Mirror already available in the market you are for a starting price of approximately 300 euros. In short, this is a computer designed for users who want to have your files stored on network without complications. The option to access files from anywhere with an Internet connection or uploading all your photos and videos automatically will give much play. All this complete security offering RAID 1 configuration to keep our files safe. Within this market, the WD My Cloud Mirror is one of the more balanced options we can find

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