WEARiT ts 217

BRIONVEGA WearIT TS 217 is distinguished from all other speakers, not only for its unique character, as always, all products BRIONVEGA but also for the new concept of “wearable music” which introduces, for the very first in the world of ‘ audio. It is not just a speaker, is much more. In the packaging of the product it is in fact a handbag-custody transforming WearIT Brionvega ts 217 in a true fashion accessory. The bag not only perfectly contains the speaker and protects it while on the move but “camouflaged”, making it an integral part dell’outifit. Something completely unique in speaker.

The ability to choose between three different colors – tobacco, blue and purple – makes the speaker perfectly adaptable to any style. The bag also can be equipped with a shoulder strap or by the handle, a double option to complete any combination with a touch of glamor and trendy.

BRIONVEGA WEAIRiT TS 217 is equipped with hands-free microphone to answer calls in total freedom and listen to every word very clearly, with the push of a button on the front of the speaker. Once the conversation is finished, the music will resume automatically. A longer battery life, for listening without interruption, until 24h- depending on the volume of reproduction – which is charged with the majority of USB sources. Also note the power function-bank to reload any smartphone in case of need.
Its dimensions and low weight – for 12,5×7,5×3,5 400g – making it perfect for being taken anywhere. All this without giving up a clear and powerful audio thanks to a 2-speaker system with high efficiency and a passive radiator for bass decided.

The “Real Stereo” allows you to connect without wires, two BRIONVEGA WearIT ts 217 simultaneously and get an even more incredible and precise sound reproduction. BRIONVEGA WearIT ts 217 in fact, power will automatically another speaker BRIONVEGA WearIT TS 217 and connect to the same recreating a true stereo sound

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